How Are Silhouette Blinds Different From Others?


We use blinds in places like shops, homes, restaurants and offices. Blinds are the famous choice of window covering which many people prefer since they are versatile and easy. Blinds will take a small amount of space then curtains and can be folded completely as much as the window. You can choose blinds of neutral shade and can be used for the practical purpose or it can be used for luxury in different range of colours, materials or patterns which will make your room elegant and a good feature.

Blinds are of different varieties. You can choose colours, materials and fabrics and also the design of the blinds which will work better in your surroundings.

Silhouette blinds is a type in which there is the ability that natural light can shine through the window even though when the blinds are closed. The two best manufacturers of Silhouette blinds are Levolor and Hunter Douglas. Since it has the combination of cellular shades and mini blinds, homeowners would prefer Silhouettes as the window coverings for their homes. If you have Silhouette blinds for your windows then they would look beautiful and elegant, when the blinds are open or closed.

The Soft fabric of the Silhouette blinds would let sunlight filter through. The slats can be rotated in all angles in whichever shades you need for your furniture or for yourself. The light can come through Silhouette windows blinds but people outside the window cannot see them. This is the Silhouettes from the Hunter Douglas will give all the privacy and also the light which you need.

When the Silhouette blinds are raised, then within the head rail they are closed. By this, the window can be opened in a wide range and there would be no blinds in your way. The blinds of Silhouette windows can be lowered at different levels or you can have them way down. In the Hunter Douglas there are many choices of fabric colour for the slats. The blinds of these windows also come in different sizes and if the windows are of different and irregular shapes, the Hunter Douglas can make blinds specifically for your window.

You have the option of choosing different material types for the blinds if you are buying Silhouette blinds from Hunter Douglas. You can choose Silhouettes from Hunter Douglas in bold colors, crinkle textured fabric or may be linen texture which you may like. The main and important feature of Silhouette window is its top and bottom feature. The blinds can be open at the top of the window or to the bottom as per your wish, which will give you different looks to the window blinds.

There are several and different systems which can be used for lowering or raising the Silhouette blinds. The cord loop is the traditional one which is available in Silhouettes by Hunter Douglas. You can also get these as motorized window blinds. The blinds can be raised or lowered by a simple touch and also rotate the slats in different angle and however you want. The blinds of Silhouette will block the UV rays up to 99% when the vanes are closed as well as when they are open.

Silhouette blinds are best for any property where you need large amount of light and also should keep your privacy.

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