10 New Yorker Breakfast You Can Have In Fairfax, VA

New York is named one of the best food cities in the US. And from restaurants and delis to food carts and pop-up bars, there are different places where New Yorkers can grab their breakfast. But what do New Yorkers eat to pump up their day? Check out these top 10 NYC food favorites.

Bagels. The NYC version of this breakfast staple is crunchier and bigger. You can pair it with butter or plain cream cheese. If you want a little extra, there are different ways to elevate this bread. Many New Yorkers spice up theirs with vegetables, belly lox, or baked salmon salad.

Egg sandwich. Head on to any breakfast restaurant and you’d always find this on the menu. Enough to kickstart your day, this sandwich has many versions. There’s the plain egg sandwich, egg and cheese, egg and bacon, egg and ham. You can also add onion and tomato slices to make it more savory.

Eggs Benedict. For many New Yorkers, this classic breakfast meal is the taste of home. The lightly toasted muffins, crunchy bacon, rich and creamy hollandaise sauce, and perfectly poached eggs are the best ingredients for that dreamy breakfast you crave for.

Omelette. Speaking of eggs, NY breakfasts also typically feature this ultra-versatile dish that puts the spotlight on eggs. It can be prepped up with cheese, bacon, ham, and veggies. For more bursting flavors, it can be topped with chili sauce and jalapeños, or hollandaise sauce.

Steak and eggs. If you’re in the Big Apple and you want more protein in your breakfast, this combination is just what you’re looking for. The grilled steak can be served with eggs cooked in any style (depending on your preference). There are restaurants that complete this dish with fries and bread (bagel, bialy, or toast).

Corned beef hash. Sinfully tasty, corned beef hash consists of chopped or finely minced meat, potatoes, and fried onions. To balance its meaty flavor, this dish is usually served with sides including eggs and fries.

French toast. This meal is dipped in an egg-and-milk mixture and fried to golden brown, breakfast perfection. It can be eaten plain to highlight its custardy inside and crunchy edges. However, there are other people, especially New Yorkers, who love to add whipped cream and strawberry sauce for a richer flavor.

Cheese blintzes. Breakfast isn’t complete without dairy. And blintzes are one of the many NY breakfast staples that serve that satisfying dairy goodness. A blintz is a sweet crepe-like pancake filled with cheese (though you can also eat it without the cheese filling).

Buttermilk pancake. If you’re craving something buttery and fluffy, this pancake iteration is for you. The buttermilk elevates the usual taste of the classic pancake, making it moister and more tender. In addition, its crispy edges add more texture to the delectable buttermilk flavor.

Smoked fish. New Yorkers’ breakfasts aren’t just about eggs, hams, and dairies. For fish lovers out there, the smoked fish dish is perfect. Freshly smoked belly lox, whitefish, salmon, or herring is typically used in this meal. It can be served with bagel or bailey, plain or vegetable cream cheese, tomato, onion, olive, and garni.

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