3 Healthy Weight Management Strategies

6 Healthy Weight Management Tips for the Elderly

Weight management involves strategies that you can use to attain and maintain a certain amount of weight. If you are overweight, your strategy will include losing the extra weight and maintaining your desired weight. Weight management Lady Lake at Integrated Family Medical Center offers a healthy path to helping you lose and maintain weight.

What factors influence your weight gain?

  • Diet
  • Physical activity
  • Illnesses
  • Certain medications
  • Genetics

Although you cannot alter your genetics, you can influence two factors: diet and physical activity. If the medications you take are for treating a life-long condition, you will only work on factors you can control.

  1. Diet

The food that you consume greatly affects your weight goals. You need to consume foods rich in nutrients and vitamins to attain a healthier weight. You will gain unhealthy weight if you consume sugary drinks and fatty or deep-fried foods like chips or chicken. Consuming whole foods will help you maintain your weight much easier. Also, other than eating three large meals, opt for five-six small meals throughout the day.

You can follow the following dietary tips for better weight management:

  • Increase your protein intake
  • Increase your water intake
  • Have at least one serving of fruits
  • Have vegetables with every meal
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Plan your meals

The above tips will help you maintain a dietary lifestyle and reach your weight goals. Eat calorie-dense foods and avoid foods with empty calories. The end goal is to consume fewer calories than you expend so that you can achieve weight loss.

  1. Physical activity

Incorporating exercise into your lifestyle is one of the most important gifts you can give your body. Exercise will help increase your metabolism and, in return, will aid in digestion. Walking at least 30 minutes a day or visiting the gym at least 3 days a week is crucial.

Combine both aerobic and strength training exercises for optimal weight management. Aerobic exercises will help with fat loss and increase your heart rate, promoting blood circulation. Strength training helps in muscle building and fat loss.


If you are busy and unable to fit in your 30 minutes of exercise, try and squeeze in at least 10 minutes to get your heart rate going. Allow for ample rest between your training sessions to allow your body to recover. If you cannot do high-impact exercises, switch to swimming or yoga. 

  1. Counseling and Supplementation

While food and exercise are important for your weight loss goals, you must learn about discipline and accountability. Counseling sessions with your dietitian will help you discuss any concerns you have. You can receive supplementation products that can aid with weight loss.

Another method can include using hormones that can be injected into the body. The hormone signals the brain that you are satisfied hence no desire to eat more food than required. A good example of such a hormone is the hCG hormone which helps you lose weight permanently.

If you struggle to lose weight, you can visit Integrated Family Medical Center for personalized strategies. The specialists will help you attain your desired weight through efficient methods. Call or visit today for permanent healthy weight loss.