Going green is the new initiative taken by the United States. A short time ago, marijuana was illegal in the U.S. Today, thirty-two U.S. states have opened doors to allow the use of marijuana for recreational or medical purposes.

Detailed research on marijuana has helped to banish the social stigma and highlighted the positive health-related benefits. Furthermore, individuals are planting marijuana gardens in their backyard to treat their illnesses and attain a healthy life.

There are few frequently asked questions by many individuals about cannabis gardening. We have summarized some essential topics you must know about marijuana seeds, that is popularly known as cannabis seeds:

  • Difference Types of Cannabis Seeds

The flower of the female cannabis plants is fertilized by the male cannabis plants for reproducing cannabis. The female plants begin to die after producing the seeds. There are three forms of cannabis seeds:

  1. Regular: These are the originals. You will get a combination of both male and female plants. It will produce the purest cannabis of all the methods.

  1. Feminized: These are the purest strains of a female plant. It is hard to differentiate between a male or a female plant unless you have a good experience.

  1. Auto-Flowering: They flower within 8 to 12 weeks depending on their strains. Since you have an option to grow it indoors, many individuals use this method of growing cannabis.

  • Germinating and Storing Process of Marijuana Seeds

The process to start the growth of a new cannabis plant is known as germinating.

Once the seeds are produced, the female plants begin to die. The seeds that fall-off the ground are germinated and start to reproduce. However, it will only start if it receives sunlight and water regularly.

Although there is always an alternate solution to produce it later, that is storing. Storing helps to use the same cannabis seeds for a lifetime if you look after them wisely. Always keep them in a cold place away from the light. Make sure it’s dry and placed safely.

  • How to Recognize Good Quality Marijuana Seeds

It is crucial to choose good quality cannabis seeds before cultivating them. There are many factors to identify the qualitative cannabis seeds: color, shape and size, age, stiffness, etc.

For instance, good cannabis seeds are black or deep brown and have a band-type pattern around their surface. It’s stiff on the surface, but smooth and uncracked at the same time.

It is advisable to consult your seller about their strains and your health conditions before purchasing them. It will help you to have long-term benefits and gain confidence at the same time.

To Summarize-

We hope this article helped you to solve some of the thin clouds about marijuana seeds. Fortunately, we have a wide range of products with amazing deals and a form of cannabis seed that fits your requirement. Connect with us to resolve your queries. We are looking forward to seeing you again.