4 Most Common Medical Emergencies to Take to Houston Medical ER

Medical emergencies can occur at any time without warning. But that doesn’t mean it is something understandable and casual. Every person should be well-prepared to detect a medical emergency and react to it appropriately when it happens. Therefore, it would help if you could be prepared and know where to head when you require Houston Medical ER fast. Here are some of the most common medical emergencies that can happen to you or your loved one when you least expect it and what you should do:

  1. Bleeding

You can begin bleeding from just a simple bruise or cut. But this should not put you into panic mode when it occurs. The emergency case arises when bleeding turns into severe bruises and deep cuts requiring immediate medical attention. The conditions that you should seek emergency help are:

  • A point when you can visualize your tissue or bone
  • When an object is pieced deep into your skin, you cannot pull it without damaging the surrounding area.
  • In a situation you cannot control the bleeding even after performing first aid.

Such a bleeding process occurs when emergency attention is delayed. The excess blood loss could lead to a sick feeling, dizziness, and a pale face. In some cases, you could become unconscious. Such bleeding experiences should be treated as a matter of urgency.

  1. Heart Attack

A cardiovascular emergency is not a typical emergency case, but they are the most severe types when they occur. Knowing how to detect a cardiovascular case and respond to emergency help could help save many lives.

When a heart attack happens to someone, it blocks blood supply and could threaten a medical emergency response. Here are the symptoms indicating a heart attack is happening to an individual:

  • Difficulty in breathing or someone experiencing shortness of breath
  • Feeling sick
  • Sweating
  • Light-headed or feeling dizzy
  • Severe chest pain experience, which includes chest pressure, tightness, and squeezing in the middle
  • Pain which starts from the chest and progresses to the left arm, in some cases to both arms

When you develop severe chest pain, you could be experiencing a heart attack. However, in some cases, you may experience mild discomfort like indigestion, which requires emergency help.

  1. Seizure or Fit

Seizure is a typical condition and affects about one out of ten people in their lifetime. When you experience a fit, you may not necessarily require emergency help. It mainly impacts people with epilepsy.

When you experience a seizure, the entire body or some body parts will be shaking, twitching, or jerking, which is uncontrollable and involuntary in most situations.

In some situations, seizures come in a form that can prevent your entire or part of your body from movement. Additionally, your eyes will stare into space. In such a situation, your body will not respond to anything.

When you come across someone with a seizure attack, please do not stop them from shaking unless they are in a risky situation. After the episode, rush the affected person to a treatment facility.

  1. Eye Trauma

You can experience eye trauma when you are hit directly in the eyes. This causes a blow to the eye, affecting the eye to retract, and can lead to a blood clot around the skin surrounding the eye. The symptoms that indicate you are experiencing eye trauma include:

  • Pain and bruises
  • Cuts
  • Change in pupil’s size
  • Blood on your eyeball
  • Limited eye movement

When you experience such symptoms, please ensure that you seek proper medical help immediately.

Detecting any case that requires a medical emergency and its symptoms could help prevent a situation from worsening. Please never ignore any sign and try never to panic when facing a crisis. Visit Houston Medical ER. It has the knowledgeable and experienced staff to respond quickly to any emergency case. The facility provides the best care when you need it most.