4 types of massage you should be familiar with

What is a massage? This is a process of kneading the body and rubbing different areas using bare hands, fingertips and massaging oil in order to achieve body healing and relaxation. As more societies open up to massage options like London tantric massage, many people are booking appointments with spas near them. Whether looking for a massage therapist or parlor online or offline, choosing the right one is of utmost importance. Consider choosing wisely based on the attributes, quality and cost of their services. These here are for instance some of the massage services that you can get from your massage parlor during your search today.

Tantric, erotic and sensual massage

Are you having a challenge being sexually active or achieving your utmost arousal? If yes, tantric massage is the answer you are looking for as it helps you know more about your body besides giving you spiritual healing. You will need to choose a professional tantric massage and healer to guide you through this process where full or partial nudity is allowed. The masseuse can also be nude to help you relax and feel confident as they direct you towards tension relief and sexual arousal before ending with a climax.

Swedish massage

When you are being massaged for the first time and do not know the right options to ask for, Swedish might just be the perfect one for you. You ought to consider this option if you are sensitive to touch and have a lot of tension build up in your skin and muscles. Through kneading, circular motions, passive joint movement and long strokes massage techniques, you will enjoy body relaxation and both physical and emotional healing at the end of your Swedish massage session.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy form of massage complements the emotional healing attribute that is associated with massage practices. It not only boosts your mood but also fights anxiety through stress reduction. It is also an anti-inflammatory procedure for those experiencing pain or tension in their muscles. Using gentle pressure this method applies use of special massage oils to rub the skin and help you achieve the relaxation effect you desire for the procedure. Diffusers can also be used to help you inhale the oil scents to help you relax and give you emotional peace as you enjoy the rest of the full body massage. Remember nudity in this case is an option you can consent to or restrict from.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is ideal for people who are experiencing pain or tension build up in their muscles. You should not consider this option if you are sensitive to a lot of pressure as unlike the Swedish massage option, this one lasts for about 70-90 minutes and involves use of a lot of pressure. The strokes are done slowly but with a lot of pressure in order to release tension form the innermost layers of your muscles and skin. It is true that deep tissue massage is intense however not intense enough to leave you sore or in pain.