5 Stages That Will Help You in the Addiction Recovery

Sometimes life can be frustrating when you feel things are not working as expected. This feeling can compel you to seek consolation to mask the frustration and keep going. You may end up opting for illicit drugs such as heroin to get the euphoric effects of feeling safe. The pleasurable moments after taking these drugs are compulsive and can cause overdependence on these drugs, in the long run, compromising your normal life. However, if you are a victim of substance abuse Park Slope, you should not worry since addiction psychiatrists have an effective remedy to help you recover. Let us go through the following stages of addiction recovery.


In this stage, the individuals are defensive of their addiction and do not recognize it as a problem. The addicts will justify their behavior and are not interested in seeking any medical intervention. However, the recovery specialists will use the motivations in this stage to persuade the client about the drugs’ side effects. The encouragement is aimed to help the addicts realize that there is room for change.


After the persuasion, the individuals are now aware of the adverse effects of drug abuse. In this stage, the addicts will appreciate that their behavior is a problem and will keep thinking about their habits. However, the victims are still reluctant to make the changes. The recovery team will therefore help the addicts compare the costs and benefits of their behavior. The specialists will ignite a discussion about what the new lifestyle of the addicted persons will look like after quitting the behavior.


In this stage, the addicted persons are now clear that they will admit the change. Sometimes the addicts may be extremely excited that they may try to skip this phase. However, the recovery teams will advise them on the importance of preparing for the action. The specialists will also encourage clients to make ambitious goals to help end their addiction.


In this phase, the addicts begin taking active steps to end their addiction. The recovery specialists will offer coping strategies to help the addicts stick to the recovery plan. Personal evaluations and inventories are also vital in reducing the chances of relapse. The sense of achievement in this stage is vital in restoring the lost confidence of the victims.


Many people usually underrate the power of this stage, claiming that it is over after taking the necessary action steps in the previous stage. However, this stage is crucial in avoiding things that would make the recovered clients return to the addiction. Therefore, the recovery team will develop support systems such as outpatient counseling to help the clients in their new daily tasks.

Life has ups and downs, but the latter usually frustrates most people, compelling them to illicit drugs. This substance gives consolation at first, but with time it becomes a compulsive behavior affecting the productivity of the addicts. Nevertheless, if you are a victim, you do not have to go along with that compulsive behavior for the rest of your life. David Salvage, MD, FAPM, provides an effective remedy to patients struggling with substance abuse. Book an online appointment and visit their office in Park Slope, Brooklyn, for a successful recovery plan.