5 Surprising Facts Concerning the Varicose Vein

Your body has a network of veins all over, making it an important part of the circulatory system. These blood vessels usually carry the blood poor in oxygen from different parts of your body back to the heart. Therefore, when there is something wrong with the functioning of these veins, your body will not get rid of the deoxygenated blood, which triggers blood pooling. For example, when the valves in your leg vein start malfunctioning, you will observe protruding veins along your legs which may hamper your attractiveness. However, you can get rid of varicose veins Bakersfield through immediate medical intervention and start living happy life again. Here are the facts concerning the varicose vein that you should understand.

They Can Occur in Any Part of Your Body

Although varicose veins are common in the areas below the knees, you can also get this condition in other body parts. For example, you can observe the twisted veins along your face, which usually interfere with your skin tone. Therefore, you should never ignore the persistent appearance of dilated veins in any part of your skin.

Certain Occupations Increase the Risk of Varicose Veins

The occupations that necessitate the staff to sit or stand for too long are the potential triggers of this condition, especially in your legs. For example, if you are an office worker, your veins valves will struggle too much to oppose gravity force while pumping the blood back to the heart after a long period of sitting. Therefore, you should always interrupt the long-sitting sessions to reduce the varicose vein risk.

Changing Your Diet and Engaging in Exercise Can Help

Individuals who are overweight are more likely to develop varicose veins. Therefore, finding a way to reduce excessive weight will count when it comes to reducing the vulnerability to the varicose vein. Substitute highly processed meals with fresh vegetables and fruits to maintain a healthy weight. Making the exercises part of your life plan will also help reduce the risk of bulging veins by improving the blood circulation in your legs.

Some Varicose Veins Will Disappear Alone

Pregnant women risk developing varicose veins. During pregnancy, much of the blood circulate to take care of the fetus igniting the hormonal variation that causes the twisting of veins along the leg. Six months after your delivery, the varicose veins will disappear without treatment. However, if they are persistent, you should seek treatment since you could have underlying vascular complications.

Varicose Veins Have Many Treatment Options

Many people believe that to remove the varicose vein, you must undergo a surgical procedure which is not always the case. Surgery is one of the treatment options that can help to do away with the bulging vein. For instance, if you have large protruding veins, you can undergo laser ablation, which does not require a skin incision. Sclerotherapy can also help you to get rid of your distressing varicose vein.

The varicose vein is one of the vascular conditions affecting many people worldwide. These conditions usually cause discomfort to the victims while undermining their appearance. Therefore, if you are one of them, this is high time to seek an effective remedy.  Vinod Kumar, MD, FACC, of Heart Vascular and Leg Center, and the team of professionals offer various treatment options to patients with varicose veins, thus restoring the quality of life. Book an online appointment today and visit their Bakersfield, California facility to get started.