5 Teeth Whitening Tips

Top 5 Teeth Whitening Home Remedies - NDTV FoodDo yellow teeth make you feel shy while smiling? Unfortunately, your teeth may be pearly white at a young age but turn their color with age; the discoloration may happen due to the erosion of the enamel exposing the inner yellowy dentin. Sometimes the discoloration occurs from drinks like coffee, smoking, and other poor lifestyle choices. The Woodlands teeth whitening dentist will teach you the home remedies and tips to avoid teeth discoloration. These tips might help you restore the teeth’ color and whiten dull teeth.

Brush Your Teeth

Teeth discoloration, which occurs from eating food and drinks, discoloring the teeth leads to long-term yellowing. Thus, you can brush your teeth with the proper technique after consuming the food to avoid discoloration; however, brushing it soon after consuming acidic food will cause enamel erosion, as the acids are spread evenly, eating away the enamel. You should reach all the cracks and crevices and floss between the teeth to remove the food deposits between the teeth. Sometimes brushing with regular toothpaste might not help with the discoloration, and you would need the whitening toothpaste, which brightens your smile. The whitening toothpaste has mild abrasives which work on the teeth’ surface without causing enamel corrosion.

Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste can remove plaque buildup on the teeth, removing stains and bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria feed on the plaque on the tooth surface, releasing acids that can erode the enamel. Moreover, plaque leads to teeth discoloration, resulting in tartar, which impacts the gums and teeth health.

Choose Food Which Doesn’t Leave Stains

You can prevent discoloration by choosing food that doesn’t stain the teeth, and if you need to consume the food, you will brush immediately after eating. You can avoid red wine, tomato sauce, curry, sodas, fruit juice, coffee and tea, cigarettes, and balsamic vinegar. Moreover, food with added sugar leads to bacterial growth, and the bacteria in the mouth produce acids that discolor the teeth. Crunchy fruits, dairy products, and vegetables are ideal for white teeth and promote better health.

Use a Custom Whitening Tray

If the teeth are yellow, the dentist will recommend a custom whitening tray that fits your mouth well. The whitening trays are filled with teeth whitening chemicals that work in the enamel, leaving permanently white teeth. You may see the results of the whitening tray within a week; you would repeat the treatment for teeth resistant to the whitener. However, you should be careful with the trays to avoid spilling the whiteners to the gums, causing harm, and avoid using the whiteners on teeth prone to acidic corrosion.

Book an Appointment with Your Dentist

Sometimes whitening the teeth with the whitening trays at home has potential risks on teeth prone to erosion. You would ask your dentist to perform teeth whitening as they are knowledgeable and use the current technology to treat discolored teeth.

Teeth discoloration can reduce your confidence and impact your social life, but you can opt for home remedies to prevent teeth discoloration. For instance, you can avoid food that regularly discolors the teeth, brush, and floss. Your dentist will develop appropriate techniques to use the whitening trays and perform the whitening procedures at home to deal with discolored teeth.