5 Tips for Dealing with Hemorrhoids

Old age is a blessing but has drawbacks, such as the growth of hemorrhoids in your rectum and anus. They may cause swelling, rectal pain, bleeding, itchiness and protrusion of the blood vessels, and inflammation.  San Antonio hemorrhoids are not only dangerous but also cause chronic recurrent pain, which is bothersome. Additionally, you might develop internal sprouts within the rectum or external hemorrhoids on the anus. Both types of hemorrhoids cause pain and bleeding when passing stool, but you can opt for home remedies and medical interventions to deal with the discomfort. These are tips for dealing with hemorrhoids.

Incorporate Fiber into Your Diet

Fiber makes your stool rough and firmer, creating smooth movement on the gut, rectum, and anus, thus making it easy to pass them without pain. Whole grains, leafy vegetables, nuts, and fruits contain the fiber that firms the stool. Thus you should incorporate these foods into your diet to alleviate the pain which results from hemorrhoids. However, you may need to cut soft food such as white bread and pasta from your diet as they create soft stool, which is difficult to pass through the rectum. Alternatively, you can eat soft food and supplement with fiber supplements, but choose the ones which don’t cause bloating and constipation.

Lubricate the Process

Sometimes you can soften the stool with lubricants such as mineral oils and yogurt. You can eat the lubricants during breakfast as they make the stool pass through the hemorrhoids with ease. Moreover, the yogurt introduces probiotics into the guts promoting digestion and the growth of beneficial bacteria. However, you should not incorporate lubricants in large amounts, especially oils, as they cause leakages. You should use a liner or pad if you do so to avoid soiling your pants.

Use the Washroom When You Feel the Urge

You should use the bathroom as soon as you feel the urge, as delaying worsens the pain associated with hemorrhoids. You should not wait for a convenient time or until you get home, as keeping the stool for long worsens constipation making hemorrhoids worse. Thus, you should use public washrooms and take breaks at work to ease hemorrhoid pain. You may try elevating the feet with a step stool when using the toilet as it eases stool passing. The elevating shortens the rectum distance and eases hemorrhoids

Use Topical Creams and Painkillers

Topical creams will ease the pain in the rectum as they soothe the hemorrhoids. You can opt for over-the-counter generic hemorrhoid creams or seek medications from a doctor’s office. However, the creams will work only when you use them consistently and follow the prescription instructions.

Seek Treatment

Surgery might be the last resort for hemorrhoids, but they create a huge difference. Your doctor will diagnose the hemorrhoids and perform other imaging which is precise and show the position of the hemorrhoids in preparation for surgery.

Old age and genetic issues might predispose you to hemorrhoids and swollen blood vessels in the rectum and anus. These hemorrhoids cause acute pain, swelling, bleeding, and discomfort when passing stool. Although you might opt for surgery to extract the hemorrhoids, you might practice home remedies to deal with the issue. First, eat food with fiber, which allows the food to slide smoothly through the gut, rectum, and anus. Then opt for hemorrhoid creams, topical painkillers, and lubricants, and use the bathroom as soon as you feel the urge.