5 Tips for Finding the Best Personal Trainer

Whether you have been bodybuilding for years or have just developed an interest in whipping yourself into shape, having a personal trainer by your side can make a huge difference. In fact, they are the key factor that stands between you falling short of your goals and getting the body you have always dreamt of. However, the problem is that finding the best personal trainer for your needs is not that easy to do. This is certainly not because of lack of choice because it is easy to find a long list of options. The aim is to find one that’s right for you. A personal trainer who suits your friend may not work for you.

So, how do you find the best personal trainer for your goals? Highlighted below are five tips that can make it easy:

Tip 1: Make inquiries at your favorite gym

 The first place to start looking for a personal trainer is your favorite gym. There are probably lots of trainers at the gym and you can ask reception to give you the list. Gyms also provide some background information about each trainer, along with recommendations depending on your personal goals. Some of the details that you should look into include the length of time they have been providing their services, where they received their education and what are their certifications. You should also look into their areas they specialize in, such as sports specific training, strength and conditioning, overall health and fitness, athletic performance, pre/post-natal and more.

Tip 2: Do an online search

If you don’t have a gym near you or you prefer working out at home, you can always look for a personal trainer online. Just like before, your focus should be on the information mentioned above. The details should be verified with the official certification board. It is also a good idea for you to look up the customer reviews and feedback the personal trainer has received to ascertain if they would be a good match for you. There are lots of online communities and forums, along with social media websites, which can come in handy for finding out all there is to know about a personal trainer.

Tip 3: Qualities you should look for

Once you have made a shortlist of personal trainers that fit your requirements, you need to ensure they have certain qualities that make them reliable and capable. The best personal trainers are those who have a passion for fitness, such as Ido Fishman. They eat, live and breathe fitness, but they also have compassion and empathy for their clients.

You need a personal trainer who has excellent critical thinking skills because they need to be able to assess your technique and form and correct it for avoiding injuries. Good communication skills are also a must in terms of explaining why an exercise is being performed and also in listening to your needs. Lastly, you should ensure that the personal trainer you are considering is professional. They should create an individual program for you and give you proper time and attention.

Tip 4: Uses the right tools

There are some tools of trade in every industry and personal training is no different. These tools are designed to make it easier for the person and to provide better results. Therefore, your priority should be to find a personal trainer who uses all the tools that are at their disposal. This includes personal trainer management software or fitness trainer software. These have become quite common and can help personal trainers in creating programs for their clients that can be electronically followed on their smartphones. This will help you to monitor your progress easily and set realistic goals, which is vital for your long-term success.

Tip 5: Go for an audition

Before you make your final choice, it is better for you to see your personal trainer in action first. This will give you a great opportunity of noting how they are treating their clients and the kind of rapport they have built with them. It is essential for personal trainers to motivate and push their clients, but in a positive way. If you are not happy with your choice, you can move onto another until you find the perfect fit.