5 Tips to prolong your Body Contouring Results

It is everyone’s desire to look their best. However, losing those extra fat pockets can be such a hassle. While diet and exercises promise noticeable results in no time, it requires patience. The changes could, however, be more pronounced if a more effective fat loss procedure like medical aesthetics The Woodlands, TX, body contouring gets integrated. If diet and lifestyle adjustments are not giving the required results, body contouring will be a game changer. Below are some tips that will prolong your contouring results.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is essential in getting the most out of your body contouring procedure. Non Surgical body contouring involves destroying fat cells and flushing them out through the lymphatic system. As such being well hydrated before and after treatment helps expel the destroyed fat cells faster. Ensure that you drink enough water each day for a more defined look.

  1. Skip the Salt

Since your body has been put on a short–term inflammatory condition, it is important to limit your salt intake. Salt and alcohol contribute to bloating and swelling, which could slow down your body contouring results. Moreover, salt intake undermines your hydration efforts. Eating more berries rich in vitamin C and citrus fruits enhances the lymphatic system function by making it easy for it to clear accumulated toxins.

  1. Massage the Treated Area

After body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting, the body starts breaking down damaged fat cells. The cells are filtered into the lymphatic system and go through the liver to the kidneys to be expelled from the body as waste. A light lymphatic massage increases blood circulation in the area to ensure the appropriate nutrients are delivered to the site. Moreover, massage encourages more lymphatic drainage, as the damaged fat cells get expelled immediately after they form.

  1. Amp Your Exercises

You can double down on your exercise routine a day or two before and after your first body sculpting procedure. This does not mean that you slack on your exercises. If you are not comfortable resuming your routine, try swimming, cycling, or dancing, which are low-impact. After some days, you will have the zest to hit the gym to maximize your body contour results, build muscles, and gain endurance.

  1. Adhere to a healthy Lifestyle

Well-balanced diets and exercises are sure ways of maintaining a healthy weight. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption interfere with your treatment, and you will likely not see the results. Stress and insufficient sleep can also hinder your body contouring treatments as they both act as triggers for you to start overeating, which will lead to weight gain. If you gain weight after a body contouring procedure, the remaining fats in the treated area may increase. This can severely influence the results of the body contouring procedure.

Everyone wants to feel better on the inside and outside. However, fat loss is among the toughest battles you can fight alone. With body contouring, you can attain that slim figure that is positive to boost your self-esteem. However, for the results to last longer, a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and staying hydrated will go a long way.