5 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Ankles And Prevent Strains

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Ankles to Prevent Sprains: Optima Foot and Ankle:  Podiatrists

You must have experienced joint pain from an injury or a medical condition. Although strains typically occur during athletics, they can also happen during your normal activities. Your ankles contain a delicate combination of bones, tendons, and ligaments. The vulnerability of your ankles makes you susceptible to injuries and severe infections. Fortunately, Alamo Heights high ankle sprain treatments will protect and safeguard your ankles in the long run. Nevertheless, prevention is the key to avoiding further damage. Our expert team advises on what you should do to strengthen and protect your ankles and decrease the chances of suffering a sprain. Here are five ways to prevent strains and sprains and improve the integrity of your ankle joints.

1.     Constantly improve your control and balance

To lower the risk of suffering sprains, improve your muscle control and balance through calf and shin raises. While lifting heavy weights, stand with your feet spread apart, slowly shift your weight onto the toes and carefully lift it off the ground. Improve your balance by practicing standing with one leg while brushing or performing a light body exercise. With this, the ankles will be strengthened and flexible enough to withstand any wave that comes their way.

2.     Warm up before exercising

Engaging in vigorous exercise or activities without prior warm-ups can worsen the condition of your ankles. It is crucial to get limber before engaging in any dynamic exercise. Always stretch, flex, carefully rotate your ankles around, and do some raises before heading out for a walk or a run. Warm-ups enable the joints to light up and be ready for any energetic action.

3.     Do frequent stretching and flexing

To strengthen your muscles, pay attention to the length of your legs and the sensitivity of your knees and leg muscles. With careful stretching and flexing, you can often exercise your ankles and legs to keep them active, even on dormant days. For instance, lie on your back, flex your muscles and repeatedly stretch by trying to reach your legs. For your muscles and joints to function effectively, complete ten stretches, and you will reduce your risk of suffering sprains.

4.     Build up your ankle strength

It is one of the most remarkable ways to prevent ankle strain and pain. While exercising, ensure you move your ankles around to utilize their full range of motion. Actualize this by strengthening exercises like squats, dips, lunges, and rubber band stretching. Again, try writing any alphabet with your legs to improve the flexibility of your leg joints. Be sure to do the same in both of your ankles.

5.     Seek podiatrist help and advice

Having a professional podiatrist hold your hand always guides you on the situation in your ankles and how to evade strains can boost your functionality. If the condition in your ankles worsens, only professional help can stabilize your state.

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If your problem is identified earlier, treatments can relieve its symptoms and prevent further damage. Your ankle condition shouldn’t be your new normal! At Sports Medicine Associates in San Antonio, Dr. Allen keenly diagnoses your ankles to understand the strains’ root cause, thereby administering the proper treatment for you. In addition, Dr. Allen might recommend surgery to eradicate your ankle problem if the condition worsens.  If ankle sprains affect your quality of life, schedule your appointment with Sports Medicine Associates today!