6 reasons for itchy anus

When that itch in the anus area appears, the only thing you probably want to do is to give it a good scratch. But that is not the best way you can react. The medical term for anal itching is Pruritus Ani. There are two types of it – primary and secondary. When it comes to the first type, there is no apparent reason for the itchy bottom. And the reasons for the second type come from anorectal conditions like anal fissures, bacterial infections, hemorrhoids and more. If you experience itchy anus, here are six reasons for it.

Not enough wiping

Poor hygiene habits can cause itching and irritation. It is important to wipe well the anus area so that no fecal matter remains. You can even get in the shower and wash your bottom if it is needed. Make sure you are using mild soap and a soft towel to pad dry.

Too much wiping

You can get anal itching if you wipe too hard because the skin around the anus is sensitive. Use white unscented toilet paper. Rough toilet papers are your enemy because tiny pieces of them can be trapped in the anal skin. And that may cause irritation. You can consider another option for cleaning yourself like a bidet, for example. Follow the tips of Pranicura site. It helps to provide the right guidance to resolve your itching problem.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STDs are another potential cause of itchy anus. And particularly chlamydia, herpes, and gonorrhea. These are common, especially in people who engage in anal sex without using contraceptives. STDs cause inflammation in the rectum. And that can provoke itching, rash, penile pain, or discharge.


Another cause for itchy bottom can be eczema. This is a skin condition that leads to a red rash that can itch persistently. It is unknown what exactly causes eczema, but it can be triggered by asthma, allergies, changes in weather, exposure to household products. Stress can be a factor, too. Your tense body responds to it by increasing inflammation. And this can lead to itching wherever you have eczema. Including your anus. The most common way of treating this problem is with steroid creams that lower inflammation fast.


We all have fungus leaving in our skin. But the moist, warm, airless areas are where they thrive the most. So your underwear is the perfect place. Usually the body fights them, but if you’ve been sick lately, or maybe overstressed, the fungus will take advantage. You will experience redness and inflammation in the area around the anus. The solution here is an anti-fungal medicine. And in addition to it, switch your current underwear for a cotton one. Don’t forget that sweaty but can cause bacteria to multiply.


The laundry detergent you use to wash your underwear may be the cause for anal itching. And this is due to some irritating chemicals found in it. They usually are the reason for contact dermatitis – a skin condition that causes a red rash and leads to nasty itching. If the reaction takes place in spots where it is more likely for you to sweat, then the itching may be really severe. So switch to a dye-free detergent, so that you can avoid all of that.

Itchy anus may lead to a lot of discomfort. So make sure to find what exactly is the reason for it and attack it. If all of the advice suggested above doesn’t work and the itching continues for a long time, don’t hesitate to see a doctor.