7 Complications That Should Encourage You to See a Dermatologist

Individuals may plan to visit a dermatologist due to many reasons. For instance, you may reach out to your dermatologist if you have a skin condition failing to respond to treatment. Other people decide to see their dermatologist when they experience many skin, nail, or skin disorders. Coral Gables dermatology has been exercised by numerous individuals around the area as it facilitates solving skin, nail, and hair problems. The following are 7 complications that should encourage you to see a dermatologist.

  1. Skin Cancer

Most dermatologists assert that skin cancer has become one of the common reasons why you should see them. This is because skin cancer is a life-threatening condition; thus, early treatment would be integral. If you experience any variations in your skin growth and moles like shape, color, thickness, and scab, it would be a critical reason to see your dermatologist.

  1. Acne

Acne is a common skin condition that dermatologists advise you to contact a specialist. These conditions include blackheads, pimples, whiteheads, and cysts. Usually, they start during the puberty period and last until you reach adulthood, even though several people are experiencing the condition even in their adult years. You should avoid over-the-counter treatments because acne may signify more severe conditions.

  1. Psoriasis

The condition comes with an unpleasant itching and painful chronic skin disorder. When they occur, your skin cells form too fast, creating plaques on the skin surface. In most instances, you will experience psoriasis on your legs, elbows, knees, and scalp.

  1. Eczema

They usually present themselves as pink-red and scaly skin accompanied by massive itching. In most cases, the condition occurs during the initial 6 months to 5 years of a toddler’s life. Also, do not think you are safe if you are an adult because it occurs to adults too. You should be aware that eczema is not contagious, but it is vital to see a dermatologist because they offer unique treatment options.

  1. Rosacea

You should know you have rosacea once you start encountering facial redness or unexplained cheek blush. Over time, you will realize that the color continues to increase and become rosier in appearance. You should avoid over-the-counter treatments because unsuccessful treatment will develop pimples and bumps that worsen over time.

  1. Pigmentation

If your skin is aged or exposed to UVA, there are high chances of experiencing pigmentation. They include discoloration spots, age, and brown spots. Several individuals look for assistance to be treated and overcome these devastating spots. If you experience pigmentation, some of the treatments you can receive include chemical peels and active skincare.

  1. Varicose and Spider Veins

If you realize your varicose veins are bulged or rose, you should contact a dermatologist. This is because they increase the risks of blood clots and sores in the skin. Spider veins are more of a cosmetic issue than severe health dangers. Once you experience hormonal changes, injury, and sun exposure, you risk encountering spider veins.


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