7 Things Your Orthodontist Wants You to Know – Dr. Yon Lai

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Every year, orthodontists assist millions in achieving the healthiest and happiest smiles possible. Whereas so many Americans wear braces, there is still much for patients to know about orthodontics. For instance, orthodontic therapy is not for adolescents and teenagers only; children and adults can also benefit. During your orthodontist Flushing, NY consultation, Dr. Yon Lai can respond to all your concerns and provide you with the necessary care. Meanwhile, here is what your orthodontist would like you to know.

1)      Braces Serve a Purpose Beyond Looks

Though braces certainly correct smile misalignment, orthodontics has numerous non-cosmetic objectives. Tooth brushing and flossing will be more effective if your teeth are properly aligned. Besides, orthodontics could realign your jaw, facilitating a good bite, speech, and everyday activities.

2)      Your Orthodontist Can Tell if You Are Not Using Your Invisalign® Trays or Retainer

Your teeth might shift with time; thus, your orthodontist will notice if you do not wear your retainer as directed. With Invisalign®, the disappearance of tiny blue lines on the tray indicates the aligners have not been worn as prescribed. Do not ruin your time-consuming therapy by forgetting to wear your Invisalign® or retainer!

3)      Pediatric Orthodontics Is Crucial

Even if your child shows no obvious indications of requiring braces, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends scheduling a consultation with an orthodontist at age seven. Early therapy could aid in identifying and avoiding potential jaw, dental, and general oral concerns, sparing kids from tooth extractions later on.

4)      Braces Have Advanced Significantly

Although the concept of braces could evoke pictures of headgear and mouths filled with metal, modern orthodontic technologies offer discreet, pleasant, and effective outcomes. Besides clear aligners such as Invisalign®, there are choices such as tooth-coloured porcelain and lingual braces concealed on your teeth’ inner (tongue) side.

5)      Do Not Attempt to Repair Your Teeth

There are numerous do-it-yourself solutions online that guarantee a great smile. Unfortunately, they frequently cause more harm than good. Some individuals even lose their teeth! To preserve your dental health, always see an orthodontist as they have the right skills to guarantee satisfying outcomes.

6)      Your Orthodontic Therapy Can Be Adjusted As Necessary

Orthodontists anticipate the duration your treatment could take. However, this anticipated treatment estimate could sometimes be tweaked to attain the desired outcomes. Follow your orthodontist’s advice, and do not miss your follow-up appointments. Your orthodontist may track your improvements and make necessary adjustments to address any remaining flaws.

7)      Every Care Plan Is Unique

With healthcare, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and orthodontic care is no different. There are straightforward remedies for typical concerns, such as crossbites, but for more problematic situations, your treatment could be more intricate. Discuss your alternatives with your orthodontist to establish which best addresses your concerns.

A well-aligned smile is a surefire self-esteem and confidence booster. Whether you are concerned about a jaw disorder, teeth shifting, or another orthodontic concern, Dr. Yon Lai and his expert staff at House of Braces can help. Arrange an appointment through mobile or book online to get started with your orthodontic therapy today.