8 basic tips for your first counseling session

There’s no one reason to seek counseling. From concerns related to a bad marriage or work pressure to childhood trauma, parenting concerns, and unfortunate events, people seek therapy for varied reasons. If you feel that your emotions feel overwhelming or you are unable to deal with associated issues like lack of sleep, check online for OKC Counseling centers. In this post, we are sharing eight basic tips that can help before your first counseling session. 

  1. Come with an open mind. It is okay to feel sad and disturbed, but counseling is all about opening up to the therapist. Don’t let your mind control what you say because the initial consultation is all about building trust and rapport. 
  2. Let go of the fear of being judged. People who claim that therapy hasn’t helped them much are usually the ones who don’t talk because they fear being judged. Counselors are professionals who are trained to offer help. You don’t have to feel reserved or shy. 
  3. It’s completely okay to be honest. Pretending to be okay with your therapist will only cause more internal issues for you. Don’t pretend and say what you want to, and this can include things that are embarrassing and painful.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask. “Why am I feeling this way?” “When will I feel better?” “Have you worked with patients with a similar profile?” These are common questions, and you can always discuss with your therapist any concerns you may have. 
  5. Keep some time aside. You need time to process what you discussed with your therapist, and therefore, don’t plan things right after the session. Being in a self-reflective mode allows you to focus better. 
  6. Maintain a journal. After you come back home, make time to write down what you feel about the session. Pen down your thoughts in the most considerate ways you can, and yes, also mention your views about the counselor. 
  7. Be kind to yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you that counseling is for the weak. Being kind to yourself is the first step in accepting that you are on the right path. If required, keep the counseling sessions secret. People may have opinions, but this is about you. 
  8. Come back again. Therapy is not about one session. People usually need two to five sessions at the least to experience the benefits. 

If you are dealing with issues, don’t delay seeking help.