A Brief On The Girl Scout Cookies Strain Seeds

This is a strain that holds to its name and has the same smell and taste as the famous cookie treats sold by the Girl Scouts. It is no wonder why this particular strain has won so many multiple and great awards for its awesome and stimulating smell and taste. Today’s article is all about the girl scout cookies strain and the perfect online dispensary to buy Girl Scout cookies strain seeds online.

What is the Girl Scout cookie strain?

Girl Scout Cookies strain is a hybrid that many have love because of its aroma and special sweet and minty flavour. It is also prescribed by many doctors to treat many medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain and seizures. It is a hybrid strain with 60% indica genetics and 40% sativa genetics. It also has a THC concentration of about 17% to 28%. The main effects why people smoke a joint of Girl Scout Cookies strain is that it uplifts them, makes them more creative, energetic and euphoric.

Growth information of Girl Scout cookies strain

Studies have shown that Girl Scout cookies strain seeds are not that easy to grow. They are not very difficult either. If you are well-informed about the things you need to take care of, you will get higher yields. The flowering time for the Girl Scout cookies strains seeds is around 9-10 weeks, which is normal for any strain.

The only condition is that when you grow outdoors, it should meet the necessary environmental conditions. The outdoors should have a warm and sunny climate. When grown indoors, the best method to use is hydroponic. The strains require medium to fewer fertilizers, making them easy to cultivate. Also, they are pest, mould and insect resistant. The plant is very short and stout. But you do not have anything to worry about since the plant is very good despite its short stature.

Medicinal benefits of having Girl Scout cookies strain

Because of its high THC concentration, it is often prescribed for patients with mental conditions such as depression, social anxiety, headaches and migraines. People who have chronic pain or any other pain issues are advised to consume this in huge doses to get the full benefits of this dose.

You can ask your doctor to increase the dosage if you do not feel better with the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Some doctors also prescribe edibles and concentrate for people suffering to get higher dosage at their own pace. Once you smoke Girl Scout cookies strain, you feel like your body is very relaxed and gives you the body high.

Final thoughts

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