Alternative Health Products Attacked – The Five Why you should Support a Charter of Health Freedom

Natural Health Products or NHP, for example vitamins & minerals, herbs, TCM, etc. are now being attacked, decimated really, by unnecessarily rules arbitrarily enforced by Health Canada through the Natural Health Products Directorate. 20,000 natural products, factually totally safe, can’t be utilized by Canadians because of arbitrary regulation, not safety laws and regulations.

Alternative Health Under Attack

However, unlike the united states, Health Canada regards safe nutrients, vitamins, etc as harmful substances which are better removed the marketplace. Since 2004, using the Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD) over 20,000 wellness products go missing from Canadian shelves.

These therapeutic substances weren’t discovered to be harmful, nobody was hurt by these items. The 20,000 NHP (herbs, vitamins, natural food concentrates, etc) were removed because of not meeting rules arbitrarily enforced through the NHPD. Actually: Elimination of alternative NHP through the NHPD make people sicker as natural treatments were really which makes them well once they had free access and were taking advantage of these therapeutic aids.

Lately, Bill C 51 and C 52 were brought to Parliament because the ‘revised or new’ Food & Drug Act. These Bills were and therefore are both non-constitutional and violate the Charter of Legal rights and Freedoms of Canadians — re: illegal search and seizure, non-option to fines levied, and basically violated the Rule of Law as handed lower to all of us over 800 years back through the Magna Carta.

The resulting uproar from Canadians protesting against C 51 as well as C 52 was that two major opposition parties, the NDP and also the Liberal Party reversed their for positions to against positions on these Bills.