Benefits of Labiaplasty

The 5 Benefits of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a form of vaginal restoration that mainly focuses on reducing and reshaping your inner vaginal lips or the labia minora. The general look and structure of the vagina differ in all women. Various life occasions like childbirth and usual wear and tear due to age or activities can lead to changes in your vagina. Uneven or oversized labia can lead to low self-esteem, embarrassment, and vaginal infections. Labiaplasty Upper East Side is a short, safe, low-risk procedure that helps resolve these issues. The process involves your specialist trimming excess tissue and closing the edges with dissolving sutures. There are many benefits of labiaplasty, including:

Improved vaginal aesthetics

During the labiaplasty process, your surgeon targets the dark pigmented and low-hanging tissues of your inner vaginal lips. A small amount of this textured tissue is removed, revealing a smoother light-toned mucosa leading to minimal friction to your labia majora. If your labia majora is oversized, your surgeon can remove the excess tissue. The entire treatment promotes a smaller, neater, and more appealing vagina.

Increases comfort in clothing

When your inner or outer vagina lips are oversized, it can be uncomfortable to wear specific clothes. Tight jeans, fitting undergarments, and swimsuits can exert pressure on your vulva leading to abrasions and rashes. Enlarged vaginal lips can be embarrassing when wearing particular clothes like leggings and bathing suits. The labiaplasty technique reduces enlarged vaginal lips allowing you to have the freedom of wearing clothing of your choice.

It leads to higher sexual confidence levels

As a woman, you should feel comfortable and confident about your body when undressing. Labiaplasty procedure streamlines your vagina and makes it look brand new. The procedure benefits if you had multiple childbirths and your vaginal lips have stretched and elongated. A neat and appealing vagina can increase your self-esteem during sexual intercourse.

Reduces pain and discomfort

The inner labia is a delicate tissue. Upon exposure, it can easily be irritated by sexual activities and tight clothing. Exercises such as jogging, running, or riding a bicycle can lead to discomfort when the exposed tissue is twisted or pinched. Labiaplasty removes the excess tissue and allows you to enjoy your routine activities. After the procedure, you will also enjoy sexual activities.

It improves hygiene

Excess vaginal tissues can allow the accumulation of bacteria making hygiene more challenging. If you have oversized inner labia, you are at a higher risk of developing Urinary Tract Infections which bring discomfort and pain. Labiaplasty treatment minimizes the risk of urinary tract infections and bacterial conditions.

 Allows you to engage in activities

Activities that come into contact with your genitalia, like horseback riding and biking, can cause pain if your labia minora is extended beyond your labia majora. Your inner vaginal lips have sensitive skin that becomes irritated upon friction. The reduction of large vaginal parts can reduce pressure and friction, enhancing a healthier and more comfortable vagina. A healthy vagina will allow you to enjoy your daily activities.

Labiaplasty reduces the excess tissue of your vaginal lips, improving your confidence, reducing pain, and boosting your sexual pleasure. Schedule an appointment at Fifth Ave Plastic Surgery for labiaplasty to enhance your sexual appeal.