BlueChew Review: See How This Company Is Helping Men Treat ED

What is BlueChew? If you’re looking for a comprehensive BlueChew review, you’re not alone. This company is helping its members treat erectile dysfunction (ED), an extremely common medical condition that affects sex life.

Should you feel the need to find medical treatment for what might be ED, BlueChew has some answers for you. The company helps provide men with the access they need to the prescriptions that can treat their medical condition.

Plenty of men have heard of this service and want to learn more about whether it’s worth their time and energy. We’ll tell you more about the company, what its customers are saying, and why you might consider signing up.

What Does BlueChew Do?

ED medication may seem readily available if you believe the advertising for it. However, it can present practical challenges for men. BlueChew was designed to solve these problems before they even have the chance to materialize.

The name BlueChew refers to the chewable tablets that are delivered to its members. BlueChew pills don’t exist; rather, the “pills” are tablets that dissolve in your mouth. The company is not a pharmacy, but a company that coordinates ED prescriptions and shipments to men who want a boost in sexual energy. A BlueChew review can tell you that this legitimate service is smoothing out all the wrinkles in ED treatment.

Does BlueChew Ship Viagra and Cialis?

No. BlueChew provides tablets that have one of two of the active ingredients found in these medications in an easy-to-take chewable form. Known by the active ingredient names, Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis), are more affordable and just as effective as their name-brand counterparts.

Please note that while both prescriptions are designed for similar reasons, there are differences between them. While Tadalafil can be taken a full day (around 24 hours) before sexual activity, Sildenafil can only be taken four hours beforehand.

How Do I Get a Prescription Through the BlueChew Service?

BlueChew connects members with reputable licensed medical professionals who will schedule a brief health evaluation to verify a member’s eligibility for the service. If you look at BlueChew reviews, it’s clear that people have come to appreciate just how easy it is to get a prescription set up.

Unfortunately, not all men will be able to take ED medication though. Despite the fact that it’s a common medical condition that affects more than half of men at some point in their lives, the medication may interfere with other disorders (e.g., heart disease, diabetes, etc.). Talking to a doctor or qualified medical professional can give you a better idea of your health risks.

Does BlueChew Values Member Privacy?

Yes. BlueChew has put member privacy front and center. The priority of the team is to ensure that all members are treated with the utmost respect. By emphasizing security — both for BlueChew and its affiliates — members can rest assured their information is safe.

Does BlueChew Ship to Everywhere in the US?

No. Due to individual state laws, BlueChew is not available in North Dakota or South Carolina.

Why BlueChew?

BlueChew made it possible for men to choose a program with benefits that fits their needs, as many have attested to in BlueChew reviews. Because not everyone will need the same treatment plan (quantity, dose, etc.), BlueChew makes it possible to select a plan that’s right for the individual.

They’re also streamlining how men interact with licensed medical professionals. Instead of seeing a family doctor miles away, they can schedule a virtual meeting without the hassle. Once the health screening is over, they won’t have to see the same pharmacy staff month after month or risk running into someone they know.

It’s convenient in every sense of the word. Not only is it more affordable than brand-name medications, it’s also easier to take for many men. The word BlueChew doesn’t refer to a medication, but it is a reminder that you won’t have to swallow conventional pills anymore.

Does BlueChew Require a Commitment from Members?

No. BlueChew reviews will tell you that you can start with a temporary trial before you decide if it’s right for you. Should you decide the service isn’t right for you, simply cancel your trial without any penalties. The company also runs promotional offers from time to time that lower the barriers even more.