Can I Be a Candidate for Thermage?

The Thermage procedure can be a wonderful selection for women and men that want to accomplish a younger, revitalized facial appearance without undertaking an extra intrusive treatment like a facelift. Offering extra refined results than a surgical facelift, Thermage is also connected with significantly less downtime than surgical facelifts, in addition to less discomfort as well as pain, making it a good option for women and men that want to resume their normal activities soon after therapy.

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Usually, the optimal prospect for the Thermage procedure is a female or male between 30 as well as 65 years old, who is experiencing the beginning of aging, including drooping, and facial laxity that can trigger a put on down, weary appearance, making an individual appear years older than he or she really is.

Thermage is likewise a great option for women and men that are experiencing drooping in the eyelid, brow, or neck area, as well as for those who are starting to see looseness in the cheek or dewlap locations. The Thermage procedure can likewise be utilized for women and men that have had previous facelifts, to “repair” as well as preserve their results. Also, it is an exceptional alternative for females and males that are not prospects for surgical renovation treatments.

Like other cosmetic treatments, females and males with realistic assumptions will see the best outcomes. The outcomes of Thermage are not as dramatic or lasting as those attained via a medical facelift treatment. Typically, those people with advanced indicators of aging, such as deep or heavy lines, fold up or wrinkles, and those with severe sagging or muscle laxity may not attain the outcomes they are seeking with the Thermage treatment. During your initial consultation with your professional, it is crucial that you extensively discuss your assumptions, to make sure that your professional can aid to figure out if Thermage is the most effective treatment for your requirements personal goals.