Can You Live A Normal Life With Glaucoma?

What is glaucoma?

We have often heard the elderly people around us complain about poor eyesight, but have you wondered why this happens, and what this condition may be? This is known as glaucoma, which is an irreversible condition that affects the elderly people, and is also hereditary in nature.

Glaucoma is one of the most chronic eye diseases that impacts the elderly. As the liquid in the inner eye evaporates out, the optic nerve of the eye tends to stop working fine. This is a chronic age-related sickness that can’t be cured; instead, it can only be treated and controlled partly with medications like Careprost.

How to live with glaucoma?

To effectively control your glaucoma, you will usually just need to make a few lifestyle changes. You can continue to live a full life as long as you are diagnosed early, see your doctor on a regular basis, and follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations.

Glaucoma patients who manage their condition correctly can have normal, independent lives. A major issue with glaucoma is that, in its early stages, people with the disease go about their daily lives mostly affected by it, while it progresses silently. Eye problems can be inconspicuous at first, and many people can manage life effectively with mild to severe vision problems.

For many individuals with glaucoma, even those who can see well anyway, the fear of going blind is a real psychological strain. This can cause anxiety and be rather uncomfortable for the individual at certain points. It’s important to note that glaucoma tends to run in families, and younger or recently diagnosed glaucoma patients may have witnessed an older relative lose vision due to the disease, which may explain the apprehension.

How can glaucoma be controlled?

The core issue that needs to be understood here, is that glaucoma cannot be helped. The human body changes over time and there are just some things that we cannot do as old people, which we were once able to do easily as youngsters. Eyesight problems are one of the most common issues that people have while they age, and all of that actually points to the onset of glaucoma in most people, more so if they have a family history of it.

In this case, it can only be controlled to an extent using this eye drop known as Careprost. It cannot be fully treated and vision cannot be restored.

Careprost eye drops are used to treat the following glaucoma conditions:

  • Open angle glaucoma- which is the most common type of glaucoma, and is a condition that is a result of blockage of drainage channels in the inner eye. This actually damages the optic nerve in the eye, and that can hamper vision completely. Careprost is useful in reducing the high pressure of the fluid inside the eyeball.
  • A rise in fluid pressure within the eye is called intraocular hypertension. Careprost can help in adjusting this and bringing down the level to normal.
  • Careprost is also available as a topical gel, and this can be used to make the eyelashes healthier and give them volume.

How does Careprost work?

Careprost works in controlling glaucoma by lowering the pressure caused by the increase in aqueous humour inside the eyeball. While it cannot undo the damage done to the optic nerve, it can inhibit further damage by maintaining the pressure inside the eyes. Careprost contains bimatoprost as its active ingredient, and this is the compound that actually facilitates this whole process.

How should this medicine be taken?

All medicines should only be taken according to the instructions that the doctor provides, otherwise, it will have a very bad impact if taken randomly.

Careprost should be applied carefully to the eye. Please do not touch the dropper, since the liquid inside can tend to get contaminated which will then have a whole other problem. Squeeze the dropper so that the prescribed number of drops fall into your lower eyelid, and wipe away any excess.

You may think that taking extra doses will help you recuperate sooner, but that is not the case, refrain from taking additional doses since it can have an opposite effect.

What are the side effects of Careprost?

Because Careprost is a prescription drug, it has its own set of side effects. While the majority of these side effects are not experienced in patients, they are prescribed for convenience. One out of every hundred patients may encounter this, and if they do, they should seek medical advice rather than switching to a different medication on their own.

  • Blindness, either partial or total
  • The vision is blurry.
  • Perception issues
  • The colour of your eyes shifts.
  • Fluid in the eyes is excessive.
  • Redness, swelling, and pain in the eye, symptoms that point to an eye infection.
  • There is a burning or itching sensation in the eye.

Keep the following precautions in mind before taking Careprost:


  • Allergic reactions: Tell your physician if you have any food or drug sensitivities. If you develop an allergic reaction to any of the drug’s ingredients, please consult your doctor.
  • This drug should not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers.
  • Careprost should be avoided by patients with heart disorders such as heart block, fibrillation, palpitations, or diabetes mellitus.
  • Alcohol consumption: It is recommended that you avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol during treatment because it can have unintended negative consequences.
  • Because of the drug’s sensitive adverse effects, activities like driving and/or using machine tools should be kept to a minimum, since fatigue and sickness could result in mishaps.
  • Bacterial conjunctivitis is an infection of the eye that should not be treated with Careprost.
  • Anyone who uses prescription eyewear should not be using this treatment unless their doctor advises it.
  • Careprost should only be used by patients with liver disorders if their doctor recommends it.
  • Individuals experiencing retinal edoema should use this medication with discretion. Any unusual adverse effects must be directly notified to your doctor.
  • Careprost should be used with caution by patients who have astigmatism.

Where can I get Careprost from?

Because glaucoma is such a widespread illness, Careprost is a routinely given medication. As a result, it can be found at any local or online pharmacy. We recommend purchasing all of your medications from The Cheap Medicine Shop in order to take advantage of the best pricing, receive the best customer care, and take advantage of alternatives such as free shipment to your home.

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