Are you looking for details about Mentoplasty, Chin Plastic Surgery, after chin implant surgery (หลัง ทำ คาง which is the term in Thai)? Want to know how it’s performed and who can do it? In this article, we will explain everything about this procedure that can bring your self-esteem back, if that’s your will.

Just as there are people who are dissatisfied with their breasts, nose, and ears and seek procedures that help reduce or increase, there are also those who are not comfortable with their chin and, therefore, there is a mentoplasty.

The chin, like the nose, is one of the main structures to build the shape of the face, and it is the one that plays a fundamental role in the aesthetic part of the face. The aim is that the chin is always aligned with the space between the eyebrows. In cases where this does not happen and causes discomfort in people, chin surgery can solve, and now we will explain how chin surgery is performed.

How Is The Mentoplasty Performed?

Some plastic surgeons may ask that this procedure be started with liposuction of the neck; this will better define the contour of the jaw and, consequently, will be able to make its angles more visible.

Then, during the surgery on the chin, an implant is placed, or a new bone is placed, which will be positioned either through an incision, in the lower part, or inside the mouth. This implant can be made of silicone or also a fat graft.

Now, when there is a repositioning of the bone, regardless of whether it is to increase or reduce the chin, it needs to be sawed off to be later repositioned, and then the bone is fixed with plates and screws in the new position.

It is an invasive procedure, but it brings the desired results. However, it is always essential to talk well with your surgeon to understand the absolute need to do this procedure, indicating the best method to use.