Choosing the Perfect Choices for the Best Disability Care

Before installing equipment, it is important to schedule one or more times of exchanges with the person and his entourage to discuss the installation, and thus establish the absolute necessity or not to introduce this type of help. These discussion times allow us to choose the accommodation that best suits the person, and to find ideas so that the user continues to feel at home, and not in a hospital. So in case you want to byta assistansbolag then it is for sure that you can have the best choices.

  • How to support people with disabilities recommendations
  • Main areas of intervention of assistance and support services
  • If each handicap situation is specific, there are broad common areas of intervention

Assistance with personal maintenance

It can be hygiene care or support in choosing the right clothes, for example if it is raining, if it is hot, etc. In this type of help, it is important to get the person, when possible, to perform the acts themselves. This allows him to keep a certain independence, you will position yourself more as a guide than as a caregiver.

Mobility and handling

These are transfers and trips to the home.

Everyday life

Being disabled means certain acts of daily life end up becoming difficult to perform. For example, meal preparation, cooking, storage, cleaning, administrative paperwork management, etc.

Support for participation in social and family life

Everyone wants to have fun, to go out. This is why you will support the person in terms of access to the main services, leisure, sports and cultures. For example, by informing the disabled person that there is a shuttle reservation service adapted to take them from their home to the cinema in their municipality.

Know basic principles of good service to people with some type of disability and learn about the most common disabilities.

What is accessibility

Accessibility is the guarantee and improvement in the quality of life of people with disabilities, in any environment. Contributing to inclusive development and generating social results, its practice is essential for people with disabilities. Accessibility is a principle to be followed in your business establishment so that you can reach all types of customers.

People with disabilities should be consulted on the best way to be served, so that you avoid possible constraints with your customers. Keep the person always comfortable and safe, always around and never leave him alone. Get to know some more tips to serve people with disabilities well.

  • Let the deafblind person lean on your forearm when walking.
  • Alert whenever there are doors, stairs or vehicles.
  • Try to be very clear in the way you communicate, combine with it a sign to be identified.
  • Make her aware of your presence and identify yourself.
  • Objectivity in explaining directions.
  • When accompanying, give him the arm or shoulder and always walk in front of the person.
  • Warn her of possible obstacles.
  • In restaurant cases, place the glass on one side and the bottle on the other. Meals should be placed on the clock-shaped plate.
  • Don’t let him talk to himself in a normal voice.
  • Guide dogs have a responsibility to guide their owner, so never distract them.
  • Stay tuned, guide dogs are allowed to enter anywhere, with the exception of ICUs and burn center.