Common Reasons Why Women Have to Undergo Gynecology

Most women have more reproductive health issues since their bodies change over the years. However, despite these needs, most fear visiting a gynecologist and looking for excuses to avoid it. This trend increases the risk of suffering reproductive issues that could have been avoided. If you are a woman looking for the best way to maintain your reproductive health, Phoenix gynecology is the best solution for you. The following are the main reasons why women have to undergo gynecology.


In some instances, gynecologists act as primary care physicians offering regular checkups. Some checkups they offer include a pelvic exam and other reproductive systems conditions, which are conducted at least once a year. Moreover, the gynecologist conducts a pap smear to screen for cancer which is done at least once in two years. You can therefore undergo gynecology for a checkup even when you do not feel ill.


After the woman gets pregnant, they require extra care to maintain the mother’s security and the child. Most gynecologists also have obstetrician qualifications. When you become pregnant, the gynecologists will work with you when you are pregnant, giving birth, and for a short time after you deliver. When you are pregnant, you should visit the specialist at least once a month so they can check your health and the health of your baby.

Birth Control

Some people are sexually active but not yet ready to have children. These people sometimes have a pregnancy scare after engaging in sexual activities. In other instances, these women can use over-the-counter medications to alleviate the chances of getting pregnant. Even though some medications can help reduce the chances of getting pregnant, most have severe side effects in the future. Visiting a gynecologist is crucial since the specialist will choose a safe and reliable procedure for your birth control.


We should accept that some people cannot have a baby under natural conditions regardless of trying for some time. Sometimes the gynecologist can treat your problem or refer you to a fertility specialist. Since most of them are not having acute conditions, gynecologists succeed in treating their conditions with ease. There are other instances where they can prescribe medications stimulating your ovulation or conduct artificial insemination.

Menstrual Irregularities

In most instances, the women’s menstrual cycle should be regular and maintain a constant pattern. However, there are other instances where women suffer from menstrual irregularities where they miss their period or their periods last for more than seven days. There are other instances where they have extremely light or heavy bleeding during their periods. If you have painful periods, you should also consider visiting a gynecologist.

Every woman should enjoy reproductive health at every stage of their life. Desert Star Family Planning was set up to help women boost their quality of life by maintaining their reproductive health. The specialists will perform regular checkups and treatments if you have a problem. They will also advise you on measures to employ to maintain excellent health. Visit the facility today and receive a service you will live to remember.