Conditions That the Oculoplastic Surgery Treats

Oculoplastics / Ophtalmic Plastic Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

When you hear or see the word “plastic surgery”, what comes to mind? Your thoughts may not think anything related to your eyes. However, when the eyes have complications, you may find it difficult to carry out your daily activity as they may be blurred or fail to see completely. As a result, you need to consult an eye specialist regularly for exams. Individuals have agreed that the best Peoria oculofacial plastic surgeon facilitates the provision of excellent and compassionate eye surgery. If you do not know issues treatable by oculofacial plastic surgery, the following are conditions that the surgery treats.

  1.     Ptosis

Ptosis is an undesirable issue that makes your upper eyelids droopy. The condition makes you look tired and older in appearance. The only plus with ptosis is that it does not contribute to cosmetic worries. Do not stay there with drooping because when it is severe, it hampers your vision. The surgery treats the ptosis by removing the sagging skin and boosting your eye appearance. 

  1.     Entropion and Ectropion

In some cases, your eyelid may turn inward, called entropion, or outward called ectropion. Entropion makes your eyelashes scour, while ectropion exposes the eyes leading to irritation and dryness. These complications are treatable with oculoplastic surgery that rectifies the conditions.

  1.     Exophthalmos

Sometimes your eyes may protrude irregularly, and making them sit more forward may result from sinus conditions, thyroid eye diseases, and orbital cysts that affect the eye’s wellbeing. Once you suspect such signs, you should look for an oculoplastic surgeon, as they will help restore the issue. 

  1.     Brow Lift

Lifting your brow or eyebrow effectively restores loose eyebrows. There are various surgery options your oculoplastic surgeon can use to rectify the issue. If you wish to receive non-surgical treatment, you can either go for Botox or fillers. Alternatively, if you choose the surgical option, the surgeon will utilize various procedures based on the eyebrow and loose.

  1.     Complications Resulting From Different Medical Issues

In some cases, you are prone to eye complications due to conditions from other problems. For instance, thyroid and Graves’ disease may lead to eye complications such as double vision and itchy eyes.

  1.     Tear Duct Complications

Several people are nervous about facing a knife for eye complications. The good news is that the tear duct issues, including clogged tear ducts, do not necessarily require surgery, as doctors can use conservative methods. However, if the conservative option does not solve the issue, oculoplastic surgery may be the answer.

  1.     Dermal Fillers and Injections

Dark circles, sunken eyes, and deformities around your eyes are some of the issues you are prone to, resulting in the need for fillers and injections. Dermal fillers and injections comprehensively restore boldness, elasticity, and volume and retain a refreshing appearance.

Several institutions offer oculoplastic surgery, but not all offer advanced facilities. Are you worried about where you can receive extensive and quality care? Worry no more because Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery center in Peoria, Arizona, is here to help. Dustin Heringer, MD, a board-certified surgeon, aims to offer the best services utilizing conservative treatment procedures. Plan a consultation date with him to begin your treatments.