Consider proper care and maintenance for healthy eyes

Proper eye care during the pandemic

Eyes are an important part of the body and it’s your responsibility to make your eyes healthy with proper care. For eye care, you should visit an optometrist who will not only identify the specific problem but also provide you the best solution for the eye problem. Optometrist in Vaughan can be visited at regular intervals for eye checkups and other eye related problems.

Services offered by the doctors 

  • Eye exams – eye exams should always be conducted at least once in a year. This is because they tell you whether your eyes are in good condition and make sure that the vision is as required. If there is loss of vision, they prescribe glasses to keep the eye sight in check. It is also beneficial as people get to know the eye problem they might suffer from in near future and start curing it beforehand.
  • Emergency service – Optometrist also provides you with emergency care services. Eyes are very delicate and need expert assistance in case there is any injury or accident. The experts make sure that all tests are conducted immediately and provide the right treatment to cure the issue as soon as possible.
  • Eye surgery – the eye problems like cataract, retinal tears, detached retina, glaucoma, macular degeneration etc. need surgery. The experts conduct all the tests and carry out the surgery to restore vision in the eyes.

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Suggestions from the doctors

For eye care, doctors suggest eating a lot of green leafy vegetables and food items that are rich in vitamin A. In addition, you should also use eye glasses when stepping out in the sun. This protects the eyes from sun exposure and also from the dust and dirt which is the main reason behind the allergies.