Exploring The Different Types of Restorative Dentistry Procedures

Restorative dentistry focuses on correcting and restoring damaged or missing teeth to improve the function and appearance of your smile. This field involves various treatments, from crowns to more complex procedures like dental implants. If you have cracked, missing, or misshapen teeth, you can trust your dentist Cypress TX, at Dentist at Rock Creek, to recommend an effective restorative dentistry treatment. Restorative dentistry is essential to maintaining good oral health, as it helps prevent further damage to teeth and gums and can improve your ability to speak, chew, and smile confidently.

Dental implants

An implant is a small titanium post that creates a sturdy and stable foundation for a replacement tooth or a dental crown. These restorations can replace one or more teeth, providing a long-lasting and natural-looking solution to tooth loss. Dental implants help maintain the integrity of your jawbone, which can begin to deteriorate after a tooth is lost. An empty tooth socket can lead to a sunken facial appearance and difficulty eating and speaking. Dental implants prevent bone loss by stimulating the jawbone like a natural tooth root.


Orthodontic treatments straighten misaligned teeth, improve jaw function, and enhance your smile. One common orthodontic treatment is braces, which your doctor attaches to your teeth and connects them with wires. Braces apply gentle pressure to your teeth to gradually shift them into their proper position. Your dentist at Rock Creek also offers Invisalign, which is removable and virtually invisible, making it difficult for other people to know that you’re undergoing treatment.

Dental bridge

A bridge is a prosthetic device your dentist anchors to the remaining natural teeth or dental implants on either side of the gap. The prosthetic teeth in the middle of the bridge fill the gap left by the missing teeth, restoring the functionality of your teeth and improving your smile. Dental bridges are typically made of porcelain, metal, and ceramic. The Dentist at Rock Creek team can customize it to match the color of the natural teeth for a seamless and natural-looking result.


Veneers are thin, customizable shells that cover the front surface of your teeth to enhance their shape, size, color, and overall appearance. You may benefit from veneers if you have chipped, cracked, stained, or misshapen teeth. During the first visit, your dentist will remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth to create space for the veneers and to ensure a secure bond between the veneer and your tooth. The team will then take impressions of your teeth and send them to an onsite laboratory, where they will customize your veneers. During the second visit, your doctor will carefully bond the prosthesis to your teeth using a strong adhesive.


Dental crowns can treat various dental issues, including large cavities, cracked or broken teeth, and teeth that have undergone root canal therapy. They can also improve the appearance of discolored or misshapen teeth. Crowns are also highly durable and can last for many years with proper care.

To learn more about restorative dentistry, call the Dentist at the Rock Creek office or schedule an appointment online.