Eyes Play A Major Role In One’s Looks

There is a famous saying, that eyes are the mirrors to one’s soul, however, when it comes to beauty, the area around the eyes also plays quite a major role, and therefore, all the surgical procedures revolving around that area, can make someone look much better and younger, with very little effort.

Eyelid surgery

One of the most popular surgical procedures when it comes to eyes is definitely the eyelid surgery. As we age, gravity slowly makes our sagging skin stack up at certain points, and the eyelids are definitely one of the “hot spots” when it comes to stacking of sagging skin.

Because of that, the sagged skin is a pretty good giveaway when it comes to our age, and even if we make the rest of our body look absolutely fantastic, the eyebags can usually help someone tell that we are not as young as we are trying to look.

Of course, the eyelid surgery Sydney according to Dr Hodgkinson is not only used for cosmetic purposes, as there are various medical reasonings behind this procedure as well. It is not uncommon for someone’s eyelid to sag so much that it comes to the point where it is interrupting someone’s eyesight. In such cases, the eyelid surgery is almost mandatory, as delaying the surgery can lead to reduced sight.

Upper lid surgery results

Eyebag removal

Another type of cosmetic procedure that is related to eyes is the eye bag removal surgery. There are many reasons why someone may end up with bags under their eyes, and the most common reason is the lack of sleep throughout the years, however, in a lot of cases, genetics also play quite a significant role.

Whatever the case is, today, it is quite an easy to procedure when it comes to removing the eye bags, and doing so will make you look more rested, which naturally helps you achieve a healthier look as well. If you wish to find out more about this procedure, you can consult with your local surgeon.

Double-eyelid surgery

While the upper eyelid surgery is quite popular among people in the west, when it comes to people of the Asian race, the double-eyelid surgery is way more popular. The sagging eyelids surgery Sydney from Dr Hodgkinson helps westerners achieve a younger look, however, the double eyelid surgery helps Asians achieve a more western look instead.

That is done by simply removing all of the sagged skin on the eyelids, along with some other touches, which will essentially make the eyes appear bigger. This has recently become quite popular in certain Asian countries, with South Korea being the country where this procedure is requested the most.

Effects of double-eyelid surgery

Final Word

Undergoing a cosmetic procedure that is related to eyes is still a serious thing, and there are some risks that you should consult with your surgeon with, even if they have been minimized quite a lot thanks to modern medical solutions and discoveries.