Fertility Complication: What You Can Do

Without the commitment to look at all aspects of your life and to tap into the power to bring about change, you will not come up with just some changes in your diet or lifestyle. Optimal health lies in the ability to free yourself from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep you from seeing your body and mind as tools for a full and satisfying life. Simply click here  for a perfect understanding of the fertility issues.

Fall in love with yourself

It is my wish that you fall in love with your own body again. I hope that I may invite you to make the embodiment of your deepest wishes come true. That you discover the woman / man within yourself that you are meant to be.

‘Your body is the temple of your soul’ may sound a bit rushing, but by letting this quote penetrate you will start looking at how your body is the instrument with which you can fulfill your life mission.

Be proud of it and be kind to it. Cherish it

By taking your needs seriously and the pain associated with the moments when you have denied these needs, you will come into direct contact with your heart, your feelings and your inner wisdom. Your intelligence and the ability to think are now at the service of your dreams and desires. Only then do you meet the other unmet needs that were hidden under anger and pain, and you can begin to heal your body.

By choosing to stop numbing your true feelings you open the door to a fulfilled and happy life. The self-confidence that you then build up comes from within and is no longer dependent on external circumstances or the fulfillment of your desire for children.

  • You experience the freedom to be who you are.
  • You can be both vulnerable and powerful when it comes to your dreams and desires.
  • You dare to share with others how you are really doing.
  • You find a deeper meaning in life itself.
  • You worry less.
  • You lie awake less often.
  • You argue less often with others.

When a couple does not get pregnant that easily, it is often assumed that the problem lies with the woman. But nothing is less true. If we look at the figures of the WHO (world health organization), fertility is really not just about women. In 33% of the cases it is female, 35% male and 32% a combination of both.

The causes

There are many possible causes of reduced fertility, but luckily you control a large number of them yourself. Avoiding is the message.

The GSM: more specifically its electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Many men carry a cell phone in their pocket close to the testicles. The radiation is from these EMFs damage the mitochondria in the sperm cells. Mitochondria are small factories inside the cell that ensure that a cell works optimally. This damage results in a reduced sperm quantity. A laptop gives the same results, so never put a laptop on your lap and take that cellphone out of your pocket.