Hand Hygiene: Why It Is So Important During The Time of COVID-19

Surreal as things may seem, the pandemic that is COVID-19 has brought forth changes with short- and long-term impacts on everyone’s life.

However, even if you’re just an ordinary citizen, you’re still considered crucial in preventing the spreading of COVID-19. From following lockdown or quarantine guidelines to simply maintaining proper hand hygiene (e.g. Washing with soap and water, having a hand sanitizer within reach) — you can do several things to take an active part in fighting the said disease.

The Important Role of Proper Hand Hygiene

As what you may have already read or watched, the COVID-19 virus is mainly spread through respiratory droplets and contract transmission. When you encounter an infected person and he or she emits droplets (via coughing or sneezing) and the droplets get into your body (directly through your eyes, nose, or mouth,

Or through your hands touching these body parts), you can get infected. Another way to get the disease is when you touch a surface with infected droplets and use your hands to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.

In either scenario, hands indeed play a crucial role in spreading the disease. This is why at times like these, there’s this need to reassess how vital observing proper hand hygiene is.

With or without COVID-19, hand hygiene is already an essential aspect of keeping a person or a whole community clean and healthy. In fact, the World Health Organization has assigned a specific day commemorating its importance — every May 5, the world celebrates the so-called “Hand Hygiene Day.” Factoring in the infectious virus, this seemingly simple yet often ignored act has been put in the spotlight and regarded as one of the simplest ways of containing the disease.

By keeping your hands clean (via soap and water, and hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol), you can get rid of harmful microorganisms that become inevitably housed in your hands whenever you touch surfaces.

Hand Hygiene Tips You Need To Know

Hand hygiene is more than just washing your hands with running water in a few seconds. Health experts claim that for germs, bacteria, and viruses to be removed off your hands, you need to observe proper hand-washing techniques.

If you are to use soap and water, you have to wash your hands for 40 to 60 seconds. During this period, you have to thoroughly wash your hands — from the palms to the back of the hands to each finger and down to the wrists. Make sure to completely wash off any trace of soap afterward.

Whenever only a hand sanitizer is available and you need to clean your hands as soon as possible, apply the product in one palm and use it to gently rub your hands. Make sure the sanitizer stays on your hands for at least 20 seconds before wiping it off in order to effectively kill harmful microorganisms.

Hand-washing should always be done after you touch public surfaces, before you prepare your meals, before and after you eat, after your use the toilet, after your cough or sneeze, and whenever your hands are visibly dirty.

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