How Does Orthodontics Work?

With So Many Options Now — Should I Even Consider Traditional Braces?: Brendan D. Smith, DDS, MS: Orthodontist

A beautiful smile tells a lot about you. There are different ways you can make your smile better, including using orthodontic treatments. Your treatment depends on your specific smile problem. Orthodontics focuses on straightening your jaw and teeth alignment to enhance your smile. Besides straightening your teeth, orthodontics promotes your teeth function and improves your oral health. Dr. Susan Liebman Brooklyn can help you achieve your best smile through various orthodontic treatments. Here we look at the different orthodontic services available at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics.


Braces straighten crooked and misaligned teeth. It involves using several components, such as brackets. Your provider attaches the brackets to your front teeth, and a metal band surrounds the back molars.

A wire joins each of the metal bands, running through the brackets. Usually, your provider adjusts and tightens the wire during your regular check-ups. The wire puts pressure on the teeth, changing their position over time.

You can get braces at any time, but the most ideal time is at your younger age when your jaw and mouth are still developing. You may need to wear braces for up to three years.

The Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics team offers various types of braces. Metal braces involve stainless steel brackets and metal alloy wires. They are strong and affordable compared to other types of braces.

Clear braces contain ceramic brackets and a wire. The ceramic brackets resemble your teeth and may not be visible like metal braces.


It offers an alternative option for braces to correct your teeth alignment. Invisalign involves wearing custom aligners that fit your teeth. The aligners look like your natural teeth, and no one can notice them.

Your provider changes the aligners every three weeks to adjust the teeth movement changes. The aligners are removable, but you should wear them for 20-22 hours for exceptional results. Your provider monitors the aligners to ensure they are comfortable.

Invisalign is among the most preferred orthodontic methods for tooth straightening. They are comfortable and invisible, and you can remove them easily for cleaning and eating. No risk of mouth injuries, unlike braces.


Retainers help prevent your teeth from shifting after orthodontic treatment. Fixed retainers are permanent; your provider cements them with a wire to the back of your teeth. Removable retainers are also available.

Removable retainers are available in clear plastic retainers and Hawley retainers. Clear plastic retainers contain custom molds of your teeth. They are invisible, do not interfere with your speech, and are comfortable.

Hawley retainers include a plastic part placed on the roof of your mouth and a wire along your front teeth. They do not break easily and are easy to adjust.

You may need teeth straightening if you have teeth issues, such as underbite, crossbite, crowding, overbite, and open bite. In addition to enhancing your smile, teeth straightening lowers your chance of gum disease and improves your speech and chewing. It also makes brushing and flossing easier.

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