How Does the MonaLisa Touch Procedure Work

A topical anesthetic is administered to the vagina, and a tiny wand, similar to an ultrasound transducer, is inserted. The wand will then be turned clockwise and counterclockwise by Dr. Wanda Torres. This action will send soft laser light into the vaginal tissue, prompting it to form new blood vessels. The formation of new blood vessels causes an increase in elastin and collagen levels, which leads to the regeneration of vaginal tissue.

Understanding the MonaLisa Touch procedure

The Mona Lisa Touch method is a non-surgical, safe, and rapid vaginal rejuvenation therapy that uses a gentle, painless laser treatment. Clinical studies have shown that the Mona Lisa surgery relieves symptoms such as vaginal laxity and dryness, burning, itching, discomfort during sex, and urine incontinence. Additionally, this non-surgical rejuvenation procedure can enhance your sexual health and alleviate your problems in a few simple, five-minute treatments.

Why choose the MonaLisa Touch therapy

As more women choose Mona Lisa laser therapy to reduce pain and unpleasant symptoms, this rejuvenation technique has become one of the most popular in-office procedures. Childbirth and aging can promote vaginal wall weakening and dryness, which can result in a variety of unpleasant and irritating symptoms. Fortunately, Mona Lisa Touch has various benefits that can improve your life with only one treatment. Here are some compelling reasons to consider your Mona Lisa operation immediately:

  1.     Vaginal restoration: Many of the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause or childbirth are decreased or reversed when the therapy restores vaginal tissue, natural lubrication, tightness, and strength. The Mona Lisa laser therapy improves everyday life and sexual satisfaction by restoring tightness and vaginal function.
  2.     Pain reduction: The Mona Lisa Touch therapy reduces discomfort during intercourse by increasing natural vaginal lubrication. Vaginal rejuvenation also alleviates itching, burning, and dryness. The Mona Lisa Touch technique, with its unique laser therapy, strengthens and restores vaginal tissue in general.
  3.     There is no downtime: The Mona Lisa Touch method is non-invasive and requires little recovery time. After treatment, you can resume your typical day or work routine. The only instructed advice is to refrain from intercourse or vaginal penetration for five days following the operation.
  4.     Reduce urinary incontinence: Since Mona Lisa laser treatment strengthens the vaginal wall tissue and minimizes laxity or stretching, it can help to reduce urine incontinence. This will assist with stress, urgency, mixed and reflux incontinence, and the humiliation and pain many women experience due to the problem.
  5.     Widespread treatment: Vaginal rejuvenation therapy can benefit a variety of medical diseases caused by vaginal conditions, such as atrophic vaginitis, dyspareunia, urinary incontinence, and lichen sclerosis. Within a few appointments, the Mona Lisa Touch therapy can begin to relieve the symptoms of several illnesses.
  6.     Individualized therapy: Mona Lisa therapy may be tailored to each patient’s needs. If you have specific symptoms or an illness, your doctor can adapt treatment to help you heal as quickly as possible.

MonaLisa Touch produces long-term benefits. To sustain symptom alleviation, a once-a-year single treatment is recommended. Your doctor may accomplish this fast and efficiently at your yearly exam. Call Suncoast Women’s Care to schedule your meeting today to determine if MonaLisa Touch procedures suit you.