How to Qualify For Medical Marijuana Card in New York

You want to know if you qualify for a marijuana medical card. Well if you’re suffering from the listed medical conditions; you may get the medical card.Non-residents may not be considered. You must be a resident with a valid driver’s license and ID of the state. 

The New York medical card requires that you satisfy all their conditions before you get a card. If you are a visiting non-resident of New York, you may receive the cannabis products temporarily. Through your doctor prove your length of stay. You’ll also show whether you’ve been receiving treatment using medical cannabis.

Are you a resident or non-resident?

You’ve to prove your residential status; you should use your driver’s license of the state ID. The ID will be helpful especially for working non-residents. The New York state can approve residency even through utility bills. The proof of residence can take into consideration your lease agreement. Proof through a caregiver will be required when you’re below 18 years.

If you’re a temporary resident in New York, you can be allowed with the right documentation. You’ll have to prove the time and condition you’re suffering from. The support will come during that period only. You’ll need the doctor to approve your condition, the length of stay, and the period you’ve been receiving marijuana treatment.

Qualifying conditions

For you to qualify for a marijuana card, you should be suffering from the following conditions. Cancer; HIV/AIDS;  multiple sclerosis;Parkinson’s;epilepsy; neuropathy;Huntington’s; and PTSD. You may need to prove the chronic pain before receiving the card. 

Through your doctor, you may also get help with severe complications; such as seizures, severe nausea, cachexia, and severe muscle spasms.

Online application and access to cannabis

After satisfying your residence, and proof of qualifying factors, you’ll need to register online. The process takes a few minutes and you’ll receive a response.You may start with a dispensary or site approved for signing; some work with New York cannabis delivery. In the site, you may follow the prompts. You’ll sign-up with your details and fill a confidential questionnaire. After review from the doctor, you’ll need to talk to the assigned physician. Face to face conversation will take place as they evaluate your condition under the qualifying program.

After site registration, you’ll be directed to register with the department of health. You’ll need the state official registration ID and your physician’s confirmation. The doctor will use the email to fasten the process. You’ll then receive the medical marijuana patient ID issued by the stateafter 30 days from the time of registration. The 30 days will mark the process of approval by the medical team and the state.

The card will require to be printed from the mail. The card applies for one year and you’ll receive notification for renewal of your card through your email. You can then use your card to purchase cannabis from the approved online dispensaries.

If you wish you can get your quantity supplied to your doorstep such as through the New York marijuana delivery services.