Improve Your Reproductive Health Through Medical Aesthetics

Women’s bodies go through various changes, especially after birth or menopause. Some common changes include hormonal imbalance, adding weight, and sometimes their vagina developing health problems. Most women do not realize and sometimes assume it is normal and do nothing about it. However, this could require revitalization to give it new energy and vigor.

If you want to improve your vaginal health through medical aesthetics The Woodlands, TX, has your back. With revitalization, you are guaranteed a better outcome to minimize your dryness and improve your confidence as a woman. Wondering what revitalization offers? Here are the benefits.

Help With Vaginal Dryness

Women, especially those who have passed menopause, may complain of vaginal dryness. Most women between 50 and 60 years old complain of this problem. With advancing age, the hormonal levels go down, and the estrogen responsible for keeping the vaginal moist is reduced. Estrogen is ignited during intercourse to lubricate it and supply enough collagen. However, with medical aesthetics, the problem can be eliminated. The treatment options help improve hormone production and supply to the vaginal tissues to enhance estrogen production. Once the hormonal level is restored, a woman will feel well-lubricated, and the dryness will disappear.

Addresses Pain During Intercourse

Women who experience vaginal dryness will always complain of pain during sex. Pain will occur due to the thinning vaginal tissues when there is minimal production of estrogen and collagen. However, medical aesthetics can rejuvenate the vaginal tissues to help thicken them and improve lubrication. Once the vagina is well lubricated, and the tissues are thick, a woman can feel comfortable and enjoy sex pain-free. One can feel confident knowing they are healthy even with advancing age.

Reduce Incontinence Problem

Besides experiencing reduced sexual health, the vaginal tissue problem can lead to urinary incontinence. One cannot hold urine and may accidentally leak due to weak muscles and tissues. That is an embarrassing situation that requires urgent medical intervention. In this case, medical aesthetics are effective in revitalizing, ensuring that the vaginal tissues are intact and can hold urine effectively. The treatment option will strengthen the tissues to help you support the urethra and bladder and eliminate potential leakage.

Offers Vaginal Improvement Without Hormones

Most patients go for hormone replacement therapy to help rejuvenate their vaginas. The procedure is effective but very involved. However, medical aesthetics does not require hormones to revitalize the vagina. The doctor applies different treatment procedures that are hormone-free to improve the outcome and address your vaginal health.

The Procedure Is Quick With Effective Results

You do not have to take the whole day in the doctor’s office for a better outcome. Vaginal rejuvenation requires a short time as it takes about five minutes with medical aesthetics. You will go for several sessions that will guarantee you an excellent outcome.

A healthy woman will have confidence and exhibit productivity in all her activities. However, when her vaginal health is bad, that may affect her well-being. If you have vaginal health issues, medical aesthetics will help revitalize your health. You can enjoy your womanhood at any age without experiencing health issues when you choose to enjoy the benefits of medical aesthetics.