Is it Safe to Visit my Primary Doctor During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

There are many people who are avoiding going to the doctor as the COVID-19 continues. When you think about it, there is a good reason for doing so. With cases of coronavirus piling up everyday in most places in the world, it is reasonable to think that hospitals and health care places are prime places where one could get infected with COVID-19. However, while it is true that people should take extra precautions when going to the hospital—now as it was even before the pandemic started—it is also very risky to delay going to your doctor, especially when you may be suffering from serious diseases and ailments.

So the question remains: is it safe to visit your primary doctor during the pandemic? Should you go to primary care Lehi providers when you are not feeling well?

Safety amid a pandemic

While doctors and most governments worldwide highly recommend physical distancing, it can be said that hospitals are generally safe, especially if you practice the proper safety protocols.

Hospitals and doctor’s office Lehi and clinics, months after the beginning of the pandemic, already have a system in place when it comes to accepting non-COVID 19 patients. In most hospitals, there are designated places for COVID-19 cases to isolate them from other individuals. Some doctor’s offices do not accept COVID-19 cases as well (especially those not equipped to handle them), directing coronavirus patients to institutions that handle them. The procedure for this is different for every town, city, and country.

Even in hospital and clinic departments that don’t directly handle COVID-19 cases, extra care is implemented to make sure patients don’t get exposed to the virus. In some places, separate waiting rooms for different types of medical concerns (for instance, those with possible infectious illnesses — even if not with the coronavirus—are separated from those with other chronic diseases) are set up to prevent exposure. Patients are screened for symptoms before they are brought to the appropriate rooms or departments. In some places, operating hours were even adjusted, so doctors can see non-coronavirus patients without them risking exposure to possible COVID-19 carriers.

Health risks

Doctors say that the more pressing concern is patients with serious diseases avoiding doctor’s office Lehi or hospitals because of fear of the COVID-19. The fear, of course, is valid. However, it can be quite risky to put off going to primary care Lehi when you could possibly have a serious ailment. Many have resorted to telemedicine and virtual consultations, but there are many cases where remote consultations would not do.

Of course, a lot of this involves assessing your risk personally. For instance, if you have symptoms that can no longer manage yourself, it is best to go to the doctor before it gets worse. Those with symptoms of heart attack, stroke, serious injury, and broken bones should call primary care right away. Those with COVID-19 symptoms should get the procedure for possible coronavirus cases in their location or local hospitals. In any case, it is best to go to the doctor when absolutely necessary.

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