Know about the different types of blood collection tubes used in Lab

In the research centre and laboratory glass tubes are widely used. Blood collection tube is used for various laboratory tests. The empty tube systems have different size tubes, with color coded tops indicating tube content. So many various type of blood collection tube restrain an additive that someone sharpen coagulate of the blood or intercept the blood from coagulate.

Serum tubes

So serum is a very simple term that is requires into blood after coagulate- a cell free liquid which is also expend of coagulation fact. It can be good, stable way of measuring blood proteins, lipids, hormones, electrolytes and so on. Many of these makers can be stored in the fridge for days or later frozen and calculate. Do not confuse serum with plasma- when they are both liquid, cell free portions of blood that can be obtained by centrifugation, the importance difference is that serum is the product of blood. 

Here are some of the most often used blood collection tubes basically used in laboratory:

  • Red bottle tube

The red bottle tube is very common. It is mostly used for biochemistry tests demanding a serum which can be contrarily Dominance by the separator gel used in a yellow bottle tube.

  • Lab uses– generally lab uses for serum testing like glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol, HDL, potassium, amylase and enzymes.
  • Additive – None or contains silica particles which works as coagulate activators.

  • Yellow bottle tube

  • Additive – coagulate sodium polyanetholsulfonate SPS and acid citrate dextrose ACD.
  • Lab uses- In a Laboratory test HLN, DNA, and Paternity. Tubes with ACD are for cellular studies, HLA typing, paternity testing. 

Tubes with SPS it is used for blood and bodily fluid cultures. SPS maintain of  microorganisms by slowing down.

  • Blue bottle tube

The blue bottle is used for hematology test by entering the coagulating system which demands activated all blood or analysis. 

  • Additive– in this Additive uses Sodium Citrate. 
  • Lab uses– (clotting P.T) means coagulating 

P.T means Prothrombin Time- define the extrinsic system of the coagulation cascade and monitor Coumadin principal.

  • Green bottle tube

Green is a less commonly used for biochemistry which demands heparinished plasma or all blood for analysis. 

  • Additive – Heparin means Sodium/ Lithium/Ammonium.
  • Lab uses- Chemistry testing ammonia, carboxyhemoglobin and STAT electrolytes, screening, chromosome, insulin, renin and aldosterone. 

  • Lavender bottle tube

Generally this bottle used for hematology tests where all blood is demanded for analysis.

  • Additive– EDTA  means Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
  • Lab uses– In a laboratory test hematology testing (ESR,CBC w/diff., HgBA1c)

It is a blood picture for abnormal cells or malaria parasites, reticulocytes, red cells folate, Monospot test with EBV

  • Grey bottle tube

  • Additive– In an additive way Potassium oxalate& sodium fluoride.
  • Lab uses- In a Laboratory chemistry testing, glucose & lactate, glucose tolerance test.