Myths revolving around the shockwave therapy

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Pain is a common experience that humans encounter in their life. You can have painful episodes when you have an injury or joint dislocation resulting from repetitive activities such as lifting heavy objects. Individuals usually feel the pain when the nociceptor nerves transmit the signal from the damaged tissues to the brain through the spinal cord. Chronic musculoskeletal pain can be disturbing since it lasts for a more extended period without going away. Therefore, the victims should seek pain relief such as Scarsdale shockwave therapy. The following are myths revolving around shockwave therapy that you should never believe.

The procedure is invasive

Many people fear undergoing shockwave therapy since they claim the procedure involves incision. The reality is that this therapy does not need any incision, and the patients do not have to swallow any pill for the procedure to work. The specialist will smear the gel on the patient’s skin and eventually put the probe on top that does not break through their skin.

The shockwave therapy takes a long period

Some individuals usually argue that this procedure is complicated and takes more time. Nevertheless, the truth is that the procedure takes less than an hour. Individuals do not have to prepare thoroughly before this procedure since it is not complicated. However, if you have been experiencing chronic pain, the health care providers may require you to postpone the extensive exercises before the shockwave therapy.

You cannot combine shockwave therapy with other programs and medication

While undergoing this procedure, many people fear it cannot be effective when incorporating other treatment programs. However, seeking other programs in your pain relief regime cannot interfere with the results of shockwave therapy. The specialists can recommend that their patients seek other programs such as psychological therapy to cope with the pain relief. The patients can also continue with the current medications, such as opioids, while undergoing shockwave therapy.

It is a radiation therapy

The mention of shockwave therapy can make you think that it is a form of radiation. However, the reality is that this therapy does not involve any form of high-energy waves. Instead, shockwave therapy operates based on the changes in density and pressure in the air. Unlike radiation therapies, shock wave therapy cannot suppress cancerous growth.

This therapy is only for patients having chronic pain

Some people with acute pain believe that shockwave therapy cannot work for them. Nevertheless, this therapy can also help to relieve the acute pain of patients having temporary injuries. For example, shockwave treatments can help alleviate tendonitis, an acute complication affecting most athletes on their shoulders.


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