Pregnancy Services You Can Get During Obstetrics Care

Labor and Delivery: Types of Doctors

Nine months of carrying a baby may require care and precautions if you want a healthy experience and safe delivery. Therefore, you may need regular visits to enjoy different pregnancy care services to monitor you and your baby. Look no further than Dr. John Gomes Garden City specialist. He has a lot of experience dealing with pregnant mothers to help them throughout their journey. He offers different services, from pregnancy tests to planning for delivery.

Prenatal Testing

During pregnancy, you tend to worry if your baby may be having any health issues. Your obstetrician may recommend prenatal exams, which include screening and diagnostic tests to check for possible problems. Screening tests may check if your baby has possible congenital disabilities that may result in genetic disorders. You may need this test during your first and second trimesters. However, screening may not give a defined diagnosis, prompting the need for diagnostic testing. On the other hand, diagnostic tests confirm if your baby has a risk of a genetic disorder.

Blood Tests

Your doctor may recommend a blood test if you have a potential health issue with your pregnancy and complicating factors that only a blood test can detect. Additionally, blood tests can confirm a negative result when you have not seen your periods, ruling out the possibility of multiples and miscarriage and diagnosing tubal pregnancy. Your doctor interprets abnormal hCG levels to mean different things. Higher hCG levels could mean uterine infections, multiples, and cancers. Lower hCG levels, on the other hand, could indicate ectopic pregnancy, possible fetus death, and miscarriages.


You can see your baby’s image, position, and shape during an ultrasound in any trimester. During an ultrasound, you may need to keep your bladder full. Therefore, you will not pee for some time. Your doctor will apply the gel on your belly and then move a transducer over it to emit sound waves you will see from a monitor as images. An ultrasound can confirm several things, including the number of fetuses, check for a fetal heartbeat, the position of the placenta, and structural defects. Your doctor will inform you about the progress of your pregnancy and if you should be worried. You will not experience pain during an ultrasound, except for minimal pressure when the transducer moves over your belly.

Genetic Testing

You may need genetic testing to check if certain factors in your gene may lead to diseases and illnesses in your child. During diagnostic genetic testing, your doctor tests your symptoms to see if you have a suspected genetic disorder. You may also undergo predictive testing, which your doctor may recommend if your family history shows a certain genetic condition.

You can schedule your obstetrics at Women’s Healthcare of Garden City to begin your journey to a safe pregnancy. You will find a caring and concerned medical team that will attend to you professionally while ensuring your comfort. Your doctor will also help you make healthy choices that fit your pregnancy. You can visit the website to request your appointment.