Reasons behind the opening of Des moines dispensary

A marijuana dispensary is having a variety of products made from the marijuana compound. The dispensary provides accuracy to the patients. Consumption of mixture is treated as illegal by the government except for its usage in the medical field. Des moines dispensary provides excellent access to the medicines of marijuana

In case of dealing with street dealers, there was not a full variety of products available with dealers, a chance of being caught by the police for dealing in the illegal drug is there. There is no complete response availed by the street dealers to their customers. The main motive of the street dealers is earning profits either they provide the right product or not.

Factors that cause an opening of the dispensaries

Here are the factors which are responsible for the opening of the Des moines dispensary for marijuana products being availed to the customers.

  1. No legal existence– the dealing with the street dealers was treated as not legal because purchasing of marijuana from them causes anxiety, which is referred to as an illegal drug. So for proper dealing in marijuana compound, the dispensaries were opened under the legal framework. It was declared legal to deal with marijuana products.
  2. Business strategy – therewas no business strategy available in the business of the street dealers. As there is no fixed opening time and closing time of the shops dealing in product and no proper response was given to the customers. In the dispensary, there was a fixed time of opening and closing of the marijuana dispensary.
  3. Location of the shop – themarijuana dispensaries had a perfect place from where the patients can get their medicines as per recommended by the doctor. The patients do not have to wander here and there for getting the medication. The street dealers were not having any kind of fixed place for dealing in the product as they have a fear of being caught by the police for the illegal drug. So, there was an opening of the Des moines dispensary.
  4. Variety of products – the dispensary provides a variety of marijuana products for the patients. It also has a large number of experienced and qualified staff, which helps the patient to choose the right medicine for them. There was limited stock of marijuana available with the dealers, and the product of the dealers was expensive than the price of the dispensary.
  5. The license of dealing- the dispensary has a license in dealing with the marijuana product. The license approval from the government is not easy, but these are opened under the license which the street dealers were not having. This provides ease in dealing with the compound of marijuana.
  6. Protection of products – the dealers, do not have any protection against the asset they were possing. The thieves can steal the compound. The dispensaries provide the compound security against being stolen from the store. Since there is a massive investment in the setup of the business, so protection against the thieves is necessary.