Reasons To Have A Water Bottle At Work

Do you leave a bottle of water at the office? If your answer was no, check out a list of 8 reasons to change that and provide a bottle for yesterday, and leave it right next to your computer in the office.

The importance of keeping a water bottle (ขวดน้ำดื่ม which is the term in Thai) in the office is a simple fact that you will not forget to hydrate yourself.

During working hours, time goes by too fast, and I’ve heard many people say that “when they’re going to see,” it’s almost time to leave, and they haven’t drunk a drop of water all day, which can be considered an attack against your health. That drinking water is good for health, we all already know. But in the list below, I mention some of the reasons that make your intake so important so that you are even more aware that you should not forget about it.

  1. More Brain Energy

For starters, since we’re talking about work, water is an essential conductor of electricity in passing information from one neuron to another.

  1. Protected Eyes

The simple ingestion of water helps in the hydration of the eyes and the production of tear fluid. All this contributes to protecting the eyes from viruses and bacteria.

  1. Healthier Teeth

Drinking water plays an important role in saliva production and facilitates chewing. This reduces debris buildup on your teeth, making them better protected from cavities.

  1. Elimination Of Toxins

Keeping the body well-hydrated increases blood volume, which is largely responsible for the passage of nutrients between cells and the elimination of toxins. More fluid blood ensures greater absorption of minerals and vitamins by the body.

  1. Faster Digestion

Drinking water helps produce gastric juice, digestive enzymes, and saliva from the entire digestive tract. This is important for good digestion and nutrient absorption. In addition, water acts by hydrating the fibers of food, thus preventing constipation and improving the intestine’s functioning.

  1. Important In Slimming

Water can help with weight loss, mainly by increasing the feeling of satiety and contributing to the acceleration of metabolism. Another fact that strengthens the information is that hunger and thirst are found in the same brain structure: the hypothalamus. That’s why keeping your body well hydrated helps reduce the amount of food you eat. For those who want to lose weight, drinking half a liter of water before meals will help make a big difference on the scales!