Reasons to Seek Professional Teeth Whitening

A white and bright smile adds to your confidence. This takes a bow when you notice teeth discoloration or staining, which is common as you age. Besides aging, the discoloration could be due to dental problems, food, drinks, or habits like smoking. South Bay teeth whitening can help offset discoloration and restore a bright smile. While you could also do the whitening at home, professional cleaning and whitening are much better. Among the reasons to choose professional teeth whitening over the DIY includes:

Safer teeth whitening

Teeth whitening relies on chemicals, which require the right bane to keep your teeth safe. An excessive chemical application can cause problems like increased sensitivity and enamel damage, speeding tooth wear, and damage. Dentists know their way around the products and are experienced in developing personalized teeth whitening plans. This means you considerably mitigate the safety concern, ensuring you spot whiter and stronger teeth after the service.

Fast results

Home teeth whitening solutions can take days, if not weeks, to deliver. The hassles of applying the products can take a toll on you, especially with your busy schedule. This means you may not realize the best results. Professional teeth whitening is done in the dentist’s office, and you will see results immediately. You will leave the office with a whiter smile, and the session averages about an hour, ensuring your schedule is not significantly affected.

Lasting impact

Professional teeth whitening is not all about applying chemicals. Your dentist can recommend screening to establish the cause of the discoloration, especially if they suspect it is due to dental issues. The process also often includes dental cleanings. This ensures you eliminate the tartar, which harbors bacteria and could be the culprit behind the unsightly teeth’ appearance. With such a thorough approach, you will go home with a cleaner and whiter smile which will last longer than you would achieve with home remedies. Even better, the dentist equips you with valuable information, such as lifestyle adjustments you should make to maintain whiter teeth. This makes it easier to avoid habits that could stain your teeth and spot a dazzling smile for an extended period.

Healthier smile

During the session, the dentist can spot issues you are unlikely to catch. Besides dental cleaning, the dentist may recommend other measures to stop such problems from escalating. Prompt treatment and interventions help you avoid serious concerns like incurable periodontitis. The timely treatment and recommendations to prevent dental issues from worsening means you get to keep your teeth, gums, and jaws healthier for years. When healthy, it is easier to keep the teeth whiter and enjoy a sparkling smile since you won’t struggle with pain or sensitivity, making it harder to brush, floss, eat, or smile.

A dazzling smile radiates good energy and health. However, maintaining such a smile is difficult, especially when stains creep in and discolor your teeth. Proper oral hygiene and healthier habits can help keep the discoloration at bay. You can complement the efforts by seeking dental cleaning and whitening services, allowing you to spot and maintain a whiter and healthier smile for longer. Visit Dental Art of South Bay today for dental cleanings, whitening, and other dental-related needs.