Reasons Why You Should Consider Hip Replacement Surgery

Our hips, joints, and muscles are vulnerable to different injuries that may cause massive pain and discomfort. If you are a candidate struggling with hip pain, you might be wondering about the best treatment option to address your underlying problem. Fortunately, you should worry because medical advancements have easily resolved several health-related conditions. For instance, Katy total hip replacement is one of the procedures gaining popularity due to its effectiveness in treating hip-related issues. This article addresses various reasons why you should consider total hip replacement surgery.

Lasting Health Benefits

Usually, receiving a total hip replacement is crucial in reducing cases of heart failure, mortality, depression, and diabetes in patients experiencing osteoarthritis. Moreover, three to seven years after surgery, you are likely to have a consistent reduction in heart failure. Therefore, hip replacement surgery is integral to addressing hip issues and preventing other problems like diabetes and heart failure.

Peace of Mind

In rare instances, the surgery can hamper your movement, but the hip joints can give you up to 20 years of service without becoming loose. Besides, a hip replacement can prevent unexpected wounds and injuries from occurring in the long term. Therefore, once you undergo surgery, you will not be worried about injuries or the need for another surgery in the short term.

Improved Mobility

Serious hip pain before the surgery can hinder your ability to walk, exercise, or even put on socks or shoes. Luckily, hip replacement surgery can address this problem. Even though it is not guaranteed, most individuals can walk with ease after receiving the surgery. Effective surgery can also assist in reducing or eliminating hip pain and stiffness, leading to increased mobility.

Pain Relief

When you have consistent severe pain that does not react to anti-inflammatory medications, joint injections, physical therapy, or other conservative procedures, surgery may help. A hip replacement surgery ensures the pain you encounter in your hips and when you walk is alleviated. If you have been struggling with pain, surgery can help you get away with it.

High Success Rate

Recently, a total hip replacement has been one of the most successful procedures medicine has provided. When utilized by the right patient, it may be a successful, safe and durable way to address a series of problems that come with severe arthritis of your hip. The success rate of this procedure is approximately 95% if you are experiencing hip pain relief.

Relief for Caregivers and Family Members

It is always challenging to carry out your daily undertakings when suffering from hip pain. As a result, you may need assistance from your family daily. Fortunately, a total hip replacement makes it easier to perform daily tasks alone, relieving your caregivers and family members. Besides, after full recovery, your family will likely experience reduced stress levels.

If untreated, it is evident that the hip condition may worsen, causing even more pain. Thus, if you are a candidate looking for total hip replacement surgery, consider Integrity Orthopedics located in Katy, Texas. The center comprises Pavel Muradov and his team of experienced specialists who provide all-inclusive and empathetic surgery you can trust. To get started, Call their office, book an appointment online or schedule a visit to their center to mark the end of your hip concerns.