Seven Types Of Dental Specialties For New Dental Students To Consider


Not all dentistry professionals are created equal, but the shared goal is always to maintain and achieve oral health. There are many different types of dental specialties and all of them seek to improve dental health. Deciding which one to pursue is a very personal choice that today’s dental school students must make before beginning their careers.

Let’s Take A Look At Seven Types Of Dental Specialties For New Dental Students To Consider:

General Dentistry- all graduates from dental schools start as general dentists and they are trained to perform common procedures, such as periodic hygiene exams, screenings, cleanings, root canals and extractions. Depending on their personal preferences, general dentists may seek additional education or training to become specialists in the field of dentistry.

Endodontics- endodontics encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of any disease related to dental pulp. Endodontic specialists seek to preserve the health dental pulp and if the condition is irreversible, the pulp must be removed safely. Infected pulpal tissue and inflamed teeth are potential conditions that can be treated by endodontic specialists.

Orthodontics- orthodontics deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of poorly positioned jaws and teeth. This field of dentistry also helps to improve facial feature. Misalignment of jaws and teeth is fairly common, which require orthodontic treatments.

Pediatric Dentistry- formerly known as pedodontics, pediatric dentistry deals with the dental health of children and adolescents. It is recommended for parents to arrange a dental visit about six months after the presence of the baby’s first tooth. Regular visits are needed to detect early signs of tooth decay. Pediatric dentists also advise parents about daily dental care and pacifier habits on babies.

Periodontology- also known as periodontics, this field of dentistry diagnoses and treats problems with teeth structures. The main focus of periodontology specialists is the condition of periodontium, which includes, periodontal ligament, cementum, alveolar bone, and gums (gingiva).

Prosthodontics- also known as prosthetic dentistry or dental prosthetics, it focuses on dental prostheses. Prosthodontic specialists diagnose, plan treatments, and rehabilitate irreversible dental problems with the use of prostheses.

Cosmetic Dentistry- specialists in the field of cosmetic dentistry focus on dental aesthetics, including the alignment, size, shape, position and colours of teeth. Treatments in cosmetic dentistry should be performed only on individuals with heathy dental and oral conditions.

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