Signs You Are a Good Candidate for Botox

In the past ten years, Botox has become more common. Formerly taboo, open discussion about the process is now commonplace in online communities and news outlets all over the globe. If you are unsure if you should pursue this treatment option, a reputable specialist, such as Dr. Garen Gajian, can help you decide if it is worth giving a shot. Here are five indications that you are an excellent candidate for botox injections.

Premature aging

Everyone who feels like they “lost the genetic lottery” may benefit from this therapy. Even with a very healthy lifestyle and diligent skincare routine, some individuals exhibit dramatic indications of aging far sooner than the average person. You can keep your face looking as youthful as you feel with Botox.

Untreatable acne

You may get relief from your acne with Botox if you have tried everything else without success. Injecting the skin with a small amount of botox may reduce oil production, reducing acne. Treating acne and zits on the face should begin with less invasive methods. A frozen look can occur when Botox is used all over the face and facial muscles.

 Dynamic wrinkles

When applied to dynamic wrinkles, Botox may be an effective treatment. Wrinkles that appear on the face due to muscular contractions are known as “dynamic wrinkles.” The wrinkles in your skin that emerge when you smile, frown, express anger, or find something funny are all dynamic wrinkles. Frown lines, crow’s feet, neck bands, and forehead creases are a few examples of dynamic wrinkles.

In contrast to static wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles are constantly changing. Static wrinkles are the lines that exist on your face irrespective of the facial expression you make. These arise due to a lack of fat on the face and other skin imperfections. The first need for BOTOX® candidacy is the presence of dynamic wrinkles that negatively impact one’s self-esteem.

TMJ or other joint pain

Temporomandibular muscle or joint diseases affect a large percentage of the population at some point. Over 10 million individuals find themselves in this group. Low dosages of botox may considerably alleviate joint discomfort or pain associated with TMJ. Disorders such as TMJ may make it exceedingly difficult for persons to chew, swallow and eventually open their jaws. Extreme instances may include dislocation of the jaw, lockjaw, or significant neck discomfort.

For those who are not allergic

Although most individuals are suitable candidates, those who have previously had an adverse response to a cosmetic injectable may not undergo this procedure. When you speak to a specialist, they will review your medical history and initial reactions to treatments. They offer many more therapies that may be more appropriate for your needs and preferences if this one is not a good fit.

Appropriate age range

Those between 18 and 65 seem to get the greatest results with BOTOX® treatments. It is quite doubtful that this product would be helpful if you have got dynamic wrinkles at such a young age (18). If so, you should see our doctor since you may have a more serious issue.

To combat the signs of aging, BOTOX® is an effective method. You may qualify for its usage if you have the characteristics mentioned above. Seeking the advice of a trained cosmetician is the best approach to assessing whether or not you are a good candidate for this product.