Some Benefits of Having a Family Doctor

Your family comes first in everything you do. Imagine getting home from work and finding your child with a high fever, and you do not have a specific person or place to rush and get some help. That may worry and make you think of a way to safeguard your family in an emergency or any other condition. A family doctor is essential since you can call them anytime to help in an emergency. However, Leela K Patel M.D., is a family doctor at Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc., with extensive experience offering family medicine to ensure your family’s health comes first. She takes care of the entire family, including their medical histories, to ensure you all live healthy lives. Here are some benefits you get from having a family doctor.

Family Doctors Follow Your Life Cycle

A family doctor is a special person in your family. They will care for you as long as they can, ensuring there are no setbacks or fatalities during their time. They treat your children from when they are conceived until they come of age. They guarantee all services and you do not have to look for a specialist to care for the family. They carry all the family data and are aware of all the conditions available in the family. They can create a long-lasting relationship since they know every detail of your family.

 When You Need a Specialist, a Family Doctor Will Recommend the Best

Sometimes a family member might suffer from a condition requiring a specialized person, for instance, a major surgery. The family doctor takes the mantle of looking for the best specialist, accompanying the patient, and presenting your case. They take the initiative and follow up with your treatment journey until you get better. They are always there to offer you the best and create a healthy relationship.

Family Doctors Treat More Than Usual

Family doctors are all-rounded. They treat you more than you can get in different facilities. You do not have to go to different facilities looking for specialists while the family doctor addresses all your conditions. They help manage chronic conditions in the family by carrying out yearly check-ups. They help in the recovery journey in case of an injured family member and also help mothers during their pregnancy journey. They can also perform minor surgeries for you and your family when needed.

They Understand Your Personal and Family History

A family doctor begins by collecting data on all your family members, beginning with their history and any underlying conditions. Each member has been using or is allergic to any medications and other relevant information. They also gather more information along the way as they continue interacting and treating your family, making them have your history at their fingertips. They can mitigate any potential health risks that may arise in the future. If your family has a history of a certain disease, like cancer, they can offer counseling and mitigation measures to prevent future generations from inheriting the genes.

Emergencies come when unexpected and may overwhelm you. That is why you should have a trusted family doctor who comes to your rescue during these times. Patel & Patel, M.D., Inc. has a team that specializes in family medicine and guarantees you the best services. They will care for your family in all areas and ensure your health comes first. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.