The 5 most important benefits of dental implants

Dental implants have transformed the lives of millions of patients since their introduction over forty years ago. The combination of function and aesthetics provided by dental implants is unmatched by any other dental restoration. One aspect of the benefits of dental implants is often overlooked: the improvements in dental health.

Dental implants offer the following 5 health benefits.

  1. Consuming a balanced diet

Many people find it difficult or impossible to eat foods they enjoy, such as apples, carrots, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables, due to broken, lost, or loose teeth. As a result of dental implants, patients have improved chewing function, and they also have better digestion by shredding their food more efficiently.

Even though it is not as strong as a natural tooth, a properly healed implant offers the same level of stability. It is important to note, however, that this newfound confidence and comfort relates to the most important aspect of eating – feeling confident and comfortable.

  1. Prevent other teeth from shifting

In the event of a tooth loss (whatever the cause may be), the neighboring teeth and teeth directly opposite begin to shift gradually and continually into the open space. Due to this, adjacent teeth tilt into the gap and lose their purpose, and this occurs in an unorderly manner. The opposing teeth extend beyond their anchoring position in the opposing jaw, which typically leads to a variety of successive problems.

Implants make it impossible for these shiftings to take place, effectively preventing further collateral damage.

  1. Maintaining a healthy jawbone

An area of jawbone that once wrapped around the lost tooth is lost in a few weeks or months after tooth loss. Afterwards, the condition rarely improves. A phenomenon called “atrophy of disuse” results in a gradual thinning of the jaw bone when not loaded.

By keeping the bone loaded and therefore “active,” dental implants can stop this from happening early on. The stimulation of the bone associated with implants is unique since no other dental procedure is capable of doing so.

  1. Maintaining your self-esteem with dental implants

A full smile, confidence, and self-esteem are restored with dental implants after teeth are lost. Researchers have found that when people are not satisfied with their smile, they subconsciously smile less and less. Your inner happiness and your external perception are both enhanced by having an attractive smile.

  1. It is impossible to get tooth decay with dental implants

It is comforting to know that the material properties of dental implants ensure that they will never develop decay, as dental decay is the leading cause of tooth loss.

Nevertheless, it is still necessary for the patient and dentist to maintain good hygienic habits when dealing with dental implants.

A patient should choose his or her implant practitioner carefully based on several criteria. All patients should ask themselves, “does my implantologist also offer dedicated implant cleaning and maintenance plans?” is one of your best options when it comes to Dental Implants in Bolingbrook.