The Best of Tantric Massage Choices for You

Tantric massage is a romantic prelude where reunion with your body takes precedence. Much more than a simple preliminary, this practice develops the art of harmonious relationship with one’s partner. Touch it, at the heart of the intimate.

Tantric massage

 From the moment we talk about love, and even more about sexuality, touch should be at the center of the debate. The way in which we have been massaged, touched with love and kindness or not, is decisive in our relationship to the body. It will influence our relationships which will then be placed under the sign of pleasure, or difficulties. To reconnect with this precious bond for oneself and one’s partner, tantric massage gives unique keys.

What is tantric massage?

More than a simple massage, the tantric approach develops the art of the relation to oneself and to the other. This isthe central principle of this practice. Privileged tool of the intimate, it allows to re-establish a bodily communication, which could have been conflictual between the two partners. Where speech can be difficult and poor to express feelings or sensations, thanks to tantric massage, touch takes over .

More than a technique to follow to the letter, tantric massage calls on your receptivity, and on your capacity to abandon yourself. Listening and curious about the other, the masseur will unequivocally awaken the natural sensuality of the body, source of our pleasure of course, but also of our vitality.

How to do a tantric massage?

The course of a session is not technical and does not revolve around a specific gesture. Giving and receiving are the two poles. As for a dance, a real bodily dialogue between the two partners takes place. Each opens to the other. Slowness is required, it is often the condition for “feeling”. Breathing is another central element for relaxing the mind. “The idea would even be to find a thrill, a vibration source of deep well-being”, as defined by Daniel Odier, tantric master trained in Kashmir.

Sometimes tremors occur, followed by deep relaxation, as if a breastplate is flying away. The body can even become a temple, for sexual intercourse, where the sacred dimension is present.

Tantric massage: physical and relational benefits

Tantric massage is not just relaxing, the pleasure is there, not sexual, but that of the body awakening to the senses. Please note, this is not a recipe for boosting your libido, it is a relational commitment, an invitation to take care of others and of yourself. Beyond the physical benefits, this practice also allows you to” recover “your taste for love, sensuality and sharing. It is also a way to let go and take a break to recognize your own needs. The relationship with the partner will take on a new carnal dimension, and gain in authenticity.

Tantric massage: Rediscovering your partner

Tantric massage deeply changes the relationship quality of the couple. This approach develops at the same time, acceptance of the body beyond all our beauty criteria, and the discovery of self and the other. Most of the time, the lack of desire or pleasure comes from the fact that we believe we know everything about the other, thus blocking any eventuality or surprise on his part, including sexually. This is an area where perhaps routine threatens more than elsewhere, with the mechanical aspect that we know.