The Differences Between a Medical and Recreational Dispensary

Let’s face it, the legalization of cannabis comes with numerous gains. You can now acquire different products from legitimate weed outlets and never have to worry about quality. That’s not all! You can choose from the wide variety pick what suits your flavor preferences. Whether you fancy edibles, tinctures, oils or sprays, you can get them in different strains.

 But wait a minute, where should I buy my products? Well, this depends on your desired products and usage. For therapeutic purposes, you’ll get the products from a medical dispensary. But will get recreational marijuana from recreational weed stores. Both outlets may stock similar products but are different.

Check out the differences:

Medical dispensaries

Medical marijuana stores like the Ayr wellness dispensaries are situated in safe and convenient locations. And this allows patients to get information about cannabis discreetly. A significant number of people shopping from these outlets suffer from different ailments.

 These stores are regulated by the state and operate under stringent regulations. Moreover, they are taxed, but the rates vary from their recreational counterparts. For this reason, you pay varying prices for the products, and the use is a major determinant.

The main difference between both outlets is in the documentation requirements. You require a medical cannabis card to shop from a medical marijuana dispensary. You must be over 18 years and qualified by a doctor with a recommendation. However, some children under 18 years may be eligible to use the products, and the laws vary between states.

What happens upon arrival? When shopping from a medical cannabis dispensary, the staff will scrutinize all your documents. They will also and enter the details into the system. They also ask questions regarding your condition and other drugs that you might be using.

Again, most medical dispensaries near New Castle have a different ambience. Many are designed to look and feel like a doctor’s office, allowing discreet services to sick patients.

Recreational marijuana stores

These are also referred to as adult-used dispensaries. Unlike medical dispensaries, you don’t require a prescription to shop from the store. You require a medical cannabis card to purchase from ayr medical dispensaries, but this isn’t necessary for recreational marijuana.

You only need to be 21 years old and have a valid ID to purchase from a recreational store. There’s also a minimum amount that you can buy from the recreational store.

Things to note:

  • You can use a valid passport if you don’t have an ID
  • Most stores share their menus online, and you can review them before visiting the dispensary.
  • If not sure about the product strains and dosages, you can always speak to the budtender to guide you.
  • The most expensive products are not always the best. They also don’t contain the highest THC levels.
  • We all react to cannabis differently; what works for another person may not work for you.

In summary

 If cannabis has recently been legalized in your state, choose the right dispensary for the best shopping experience. Also, find out the requirements and carry all you need to make purchases. Both medical and recreational stores have strict regulations, and knowing them saves a lot of time when shopping.